The Foschini Grouphanding me over for "outstanding" monthly booklet fees, after I cancelled it several times

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To whom it may concern:

Today I received an email to inform me that I am being handed over?! In that billing, you charged me for things that you did not actually "deliver".

* 13.12.2016 - R2.85 sms fee. I received no sms whatsover
* 13.12.2016 - R20.52 letter fee. I was not sent any letter nor email
* 15.12.2016 - R20.52 call. Nobody called me. I changed my nr with TFG when my old contract expired over a year ago - [protected]

Right now I am a very irate client. What is going on! YOU at The Foschini group messed up - now you are handing me over?! FIX this immediately, apologize to me in writing, give me proof I am not blacklisted on ITC or Experian AND reinstate my account credit value within 7 days from the date of this email, or I will take legal action. I value my credit status, and I worked hard to build it up. I will not let the incompetence of TFG affect my credit rating for years from now! I am a single mom to my adopted daughter, I will need to replace my car, rent a flat, etc. I can not do that being blacklisted by you!

See the unanswered emails I sent you several times before, below
From: marinda hinzelman
Sent: 22 September 2016 01:26 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Fw: EXACT Account - Please reply this time!!! :-(

I have asked on numerous occasions to stop charging me for this Club Magazine!!! I have not received a magazine in over 19 months, as I cancelled it several times, and disconnected this PO Box address 19 months ago! Yet every single month you keep charging me. Not impressed, I have spent several hundreds of Rands over the last 19 months, for something I do not receive.

Re: EXACT Account Statement
marinda hinzelman
Mon [protected]:11 AM

To:[protected] ;

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Good day

i have requested twice already that this Club Fee is stopped on my account. Please take it off immediately. My account was paid in full, and now you keep adding this every month!

Re: EXACT Account Statement
marinda hinzelman
Fri [protected]:29 PM


Good day

I dont want the Club Fee charged to my account! I paid my account in full - now therw is another R27 added. I dont get any club magazines or anything from TFG - I dont understand why you are charging me for something that is not a "benefit" to me.

Please remove it from my account.

Jan 20, 2017
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  • Et
      Jun 13, 2018

    TFG .Comment
    After requesting proof that charges such as magazine was agreed to by me .
    The customer service offered to reimburse me for portions of these charges and stated that they can not provide me with proof that i agreed to these charges as it is an very old agreement and that they are not obliged to keep these records.
    I have no interest in being refunded on this account and have instructed them to close my account.
    For my self this matter is now resolved, but I can't help wonder how many a unsuspecting client is being charged for services that the company can not show they agreed to and just pay because T&C says the client should complain if charges on their account is reflected incorrectly.

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