The Foschini Groupcell phone malfunctioning

To whom it may be concerned

I bought cellphone (Hisense U962) of the value of R999.00 on the 14th of September 2018, at Foschini Sunnypark (Pretoria). Two days after the phone started to malfunction, it was always hot, when I charge it for few minutes it became hot, when im on social media, texting it was hot. On the tenth day, I took the phone to back to the Store and explain my concern, I was advised that because it has passed seven days, they are taking it for repair, which I agree. I left the phone in the store on the 25th of September and I was advised that waiting period is six weeks.

I gave a chance and waited for 6 weeks and after it has lapsed I went to the shop to make a follow up. I was advised that the phone is not yet back and they will make a follow up and come back to me, it was Friday 02 November 2018. I waited again, and did not receive any communication from the shop, on Wednesday 07 November 2018, I called the store and still I was told the phone is not yet back, I should give them a chance to call the repair center and they will call me back.

I was disappointed I count wait, I then contacted the customer services number [protected]) and lodge my complain because I was told that since my phone was taken it was not yet diagnoised, it was on the que for assessment. The customer services Agent then promised me that she will send an email to complaint and liase my story, which she did because later around 15:30-17:00 the manager at foschini sunnypark contacted me and I explained my story again.

She requested that I gave her a chance she will contact the repair center and come back to me. Indeed on the 8th of November 2018 she did called me and told me that they are waiting for the parts which they ordered, she should call the following Friday, 16 November 2018 for follow up. She did and she asked one of her colleagues to call me and give me update.

I became so disappointed when the colleague called and she told me that the phone is still not back and she was told to tell me that im not the only, there is a que and she was advised to call again the following week (between the 19th and the 23rd).

I am writing this email today because I am so deeply disappointed with the way I am taken from pillar to post, today is two months full the phone gone to repair which means I have full three months not having the item that I purchased from foschini and the item is not in my possession.

I went to the store in the morning, (from 10:00 to 11:30) still I was taken from pillar to post and I was told that MTN repairs want to escalate the matter. My concern is that I did not purchased this phone ko MTN I purchased it ko Foschini and now I am stuck in the middle. I am writing today to tell Foschini that I want my money it had been a frustrating two months of waiting period for whereas the repair told me its 6 weeks.

Dear Foschini, I want my money I have waited patiently and I cannot be treated in this manner, I told the ladies who were helping me in the shop that I want my money. You will deal with MTN, I have no service level agreement with MTN, I am the third party who was interested in the item, so now the item is not meeting my expectation, therefore I need my money.

Disappointed customer
Tebogo Matabane

Nov 27, 2018

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