The Company Storelinen sheets

When I first learned about the company store I was so excited because it all
Said made in the USA. I refuse to buy china made products or support any company that does if I can help it.
In this case I asked where they were made they said USA.
Months after purchasing these very expensive sheets that would snap off the mattress and wrinkly like crazy. I was turning the duvet cover inside out for the washing machine and I see a tag saying it was made in china ! I call immediately, i was so pissed and angry.See Top 10 Worst Companies in South Burlington, VT
The customer service person said yeah we don't do and nobody does linen in the USA ( debatable ) and said all linens comes from china... I find that to be a scam a lie and when I said I wanted my money back and asked her what are you guys going to do ? She said nothing !!! That was false advertising and I feel robbed and fooled ! I will never buy from them ever again. I will make sure my friends will never buy from them ever ! I will
Bad mouth you and stop anyone from wanting to buy from your dishonest business ! Screw you company store ! 💩

May 15, 2017

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