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I was among one of the many people ripped off from this company. The 'advisor' that came to my house told me that the company I work for was talking to TCN and they were trying to set up some kind of arrangement so the company I work for would pay tuition assistance. That never happened.

All I have received from TCN is several cheaply put together binders that is suppose to get me my RN. They are charging me over $6000 not counting interest for binders you can get off Ebay for next to nothing.

Once I signed with them, I have never heard from them again. They do not care about your education. I was also not aware they are just a publishing company. They have nothing to do with a college.

I recieved a collection letter the other day from a collection agency. I have already paid them over $1500 and feel they don't deserve another dime. This company needs to be investigated by someone. Too many people have been ripped off. By the way Rick, if you make a comment after this, I won't believe a word you say.

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  • Ma
      Jan 10, 2009

    please help me!!! i also am another victom. can anything be done about getting out of this contract???? i have been paying since july 08 and have not taken any tests. i would just like to get out of my contract with them . can anyone help me?????

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  • Ri
      Jan 29, 2009

    Hello College Network victoms!!! Im in the same boat...Please lets all get together and do something.I was told all the wrong information. Please email me [protected] We can do something so this will not happen to other people. Im not paying on my loan and they had the nerve to call my job threating me!!! Please lets all get together via online and do something...Please address your subject collge network...Hope to hear from some people soon...

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  • Th
      May 04, 2009

    Dear Rita,

    I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with your College Network purchase. In an effort to address any concerns you may have, I have referred your complaint to our Customer Care Unit.

    If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Academic Support at [protected]. It is our sincerest hope that we can resolve any dissatisfaction and get you on the path toward earning your degree.


    The College Network

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  • Nu
      Aug 27, 2009


    Your a complete ### and your stupid comments trying to defend this company are worthless. It does not change the fact that people are being ripped left and right and you try to defend this!?! Karma is def. in existence and Im sure yours and everyone else behind this scam is coming if it hasn't already hit!

    I am a victim of this program I tried to attemp the LPN to BSN program and a year later still no luck!

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  • Ms
      Jan 23, 2010

    I also signed up with College Network. They are not very straight forward. I also believe they are rip off artists. They do not stress to you that you have to enroll in Excelsior College and pay more money for tuition, the clinical test, etc. All TCN provides are the modules which you pay a fortune for. Once I signed up no one has called me to ask how I am progressing. Why should they?!!! They have my money now. You reap what you sow though. It will come back to the company. I hope no one else gets fooled into believing this company. I don't see how someone can look you in the face and manipulate. It is sickening.

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