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Thai Airways / Alert: thai airways -totalrie unfndly for vegetarians.

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Vegetarians across the globe please be aware of facts when you fly Thai Airways.

Snacks tainted with Shrimp.( which Thai airways calls it suitable for vegetarian)

Recently I found Thai airways distributed common snacks which is given along with drinks contained shrimps. Please note that among 25 airlines I have flown this is first time ever in my life I have come across a product which is not suitable for vegetarians which is given along with drinks, specially when Thai flight attendants confirmed this to be suitable for vegetarians.

Please note that Thai vegetarian food always contain shrimp, oyster sauce, fish sauce which is even acceptable to bud hist monks who live in temples.

When I raised issue with Thai airways I got reply which was an offer for award of 10000 Royal Orchid mileage points and If I accept this all my claims and their liability will cease on this subject. They infect indirectly asked me to shut my mouth with reward points. This airline did not feel ashamed to even mock at vegetarians, as their staff say vegetarians are always a problem, and we really do not understand why vegetarians have to be so adamant asking for special meals. The natural choice of born vegetarians are considered to be special diet for these lost freaks.

A senior crew however apologized and said even we report the issue they take it lightly and most of vegetarian meals also contain fish sauce/oyster sauce and shrimps which comes along with any kind of spices. She told me there are many complaints we have to face from passengers but seniors at Thai airlines are least concerned.

Vegetarians again- grow up and raise your voice. Airlines have no rights to ridicule vegetarianism as well as make mockery of our sentiments specially when they are surviving with our business equally.
Please send your protest to Thai airways if you happen to fly with them.
Along with Thai airways I request all the airlines who call vegetarian food as special meal whereas for born vegetarians it is natural and common choice. There is nothing special about it , and there is no reason to treat people indifferently. Vegetarian choice has to be an open choice in all airlines. As couple of Airlines like SQ, AI, Jet Airways, Srilankan and some more vegetarian friendly companies are doing.

1)I have got a response from Thai airways who have accepted the mistake and offered my 10000 mileage points as reward which usually makes no sense as they get expired or deleted automatically if not used. However I am not looking for any compensation package from Thai airways unless they really mean corrective action.

2) Thai airways assigned the reason on their own, as if I am being vegetarian for religious reasons or age factor in one or their reply. I told them it is purely ethical reason and there is nothing to do with faith or religion. But customer service is not willing to accept. However their next reply asked again that how I would like them to solve this issue again labeling as religious .(they hardly read my complaints properly) Fact is that Thai airways do not want to take any corrective measures and they will continue to do same irresponsible and willful mistakes, as I was told by senior crew member on board that there won't be any solution. Most of complaints go to trash and their management hardly wants to bring in any change. There are many complaints and least regards are given to that.

All of their reply have (two )been total careless and offs hooted except that they apologized and offered me 10000 points for deficiency in service calling it as my religious reasons on their own.

3) I don't foresee any action or corrective measures from Thai airways. The best way is to now sue them.

3) I have also wrote to snack company stating that their snacks are tainted with animal products , but they have not responded yet.

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  • Ja
      2nd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Just don't eat. Think of the poor suffering vegetables...

  • An
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    what's wrong with shimp in vegetarian food. if u don't eat it why don't inform them in advance. and 10000 mileages is sooo suitable for that...what's ur problemmm!!!

  • Ki
      7th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I can go one better as on a recent flight from London to Bangkok I was serves a vegetarian meal with meat and smallbones in it, I showed it to the cabin crew and they agreed it was meat and bones. Thai Air customer services said it couldn't happen and they only serve lamb in the meat dishes. So what was the meat with small bones, hmmm maybe Rat or Mouse, whatever it was I was so annoyed that Customer Services denied the incident could have happened!

  • Va
      15th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Thai Airways - Left my phone in the aircraft number tg202 from phuket to bangkok seat number 42A

    It is a matte black i phone 7+ which was left around the seat number 42A, B or C.

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