TGI Friday's / service and food

Cardiff, Wales, South Glamorgan, GB

To whom it may concern,

Me and my partner visited your restaurant in Cardiff st David's on 18th November 2017 around 4:30pm
As it was a rugby match day we expected it to be busy but this still should be no excuse as if you couldn't accommodate the numbers, maybe you just should turn us as customers away rather than make most customer dissatisfied, we asked the lady how long the wait was, the lady confirmed around 25 minutes for a table.
We waited as this is what we normal wait, we got sat at the table by 4:50pm.
We ordered food by 5:00pm.
We waited patiently and there was no sign of the food, it then turned 6:00pm and the patiences slowly were decreasing as we didn't order nothing complicated, it turned around 6:10pm and the food arrived, to be polite it was horrendous. Chips were cold and hard like if they had been cooked ages before serving and the chicken was chewy. My partner food, he had the gravy seal and left the chips and whatever was slapped together, he only ate the burger, we ate what was Edible and just asked for the bill. As we had a train to catch by 6:50pm and we paid at 6:35pm, Which was a total of £39.97, as you can appreciate with the dissatisfaction and disappointment we had paying this bill just made it worse, we didn't raise it with a waiter as they were rushed off their feet, they had no time for us as customers at all and we would of had to wait another 30 minutes for it to be sorted like the table next to us. It's seemed like they just give the food is whatever state but happy just to take the money and deal with the next customer.
As we visited your restaurant often for special occasions as you can imagine we was disgusted in the service, timing and food we was presented with.
We always recommend your restaurant but since this experience it has changed our thoughts and opinions. I am wanted to be compensated for the waste of time but not only that the hard earned money we spent and just terrible and unacceptable food servicing and timing. If you require proof of the receipts I am more than happy to provide you with these.

I will look forward to your response

Kind Regards

Emily Woodland

Nov 21, 2017

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