Tempur Mattressrefused to refund money paid after 3 days of payment and the product was not even delivered

hi I paid for a mattress last friday evening at a dreams store on part finance. the total cost of the mattress and 2 pillows came to £2223.00 (mattress - £2129.00 and pillows £80.74). I paid a deposit of £446.00 on my card and the balance of £1777.00 was on 0% finance.
But on Sunday I found the same mattress at at outlet store for £1345.00.
due to the big price variable (£784.00) I called dreams to cancel the order as i had not received the delivery which was scheduled for the following weekend..
They said they might try and price match the order which i was fine with but they refused to do so when i told them that it was an outlet store.
Now they are saying they cant refund my amount or cancel my order as it is written in a contract that this cannot be cancelled.
I never received any information on such a clause when i was sold the matteress!
I dont even have a copy of this contract. When i asked them to give to me in writing that they cannot cancel the contract they refused and said they could now give me a copy of contract which states that!
when i paid for the bed i only received a finance contract which is retractable within 14 days and a pre-order confirmation slip!! and Nowhere in any document given to me at the point of purchase did it state that this was a non cancel-able contract!!

I call this daylight robbery and cheating customers!! When I asked to be transferred to a manager or supervisor the the lady - Asma was unavailable at that moment and said she would return my call but the answer would still be the same anyways!!

This is has turned out to be more of a nightmare than a dream!!

Jan 06, 2015

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