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To all the customers who complain about Telstra, you want to try working for them.
Absolutely no training is given.
New staff are trained by current staff, some of which have only been in the job a short time.
This means noone is trained consistently to a standard.
And its not the managers fault as Area managers just dont listen to their constant pleas for help.
The staff turnover is huge but only for the staff that care.
If you see a long term employee at Telstra its because they are so bad they cant get a job elsewhere.
The worst offenders are the Area managers.
They have no idea how to manage their range of branches.
For example, each Qld area manager works out of Brisbane, travels only rarely, doesnt return calls from branch managers, doesnt give any direction and keeps information from regional branches.
If you want a problem solved ring the ombudsman. They fix things very quickly as Telstra get a fine every time they get a complaint. Hit them in the pocket. The number is in any phone book.

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  • Se
      Jan 20, 2016

    Thanks for this information. There seems to be a culture of not returning calls to customers - interesting that it happens to employees as well.
    It's a mess and more and more customers are getting angry about the very poor customer service.

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