TecoOne week to turn lights on



My name is Juliana, and I'm an international student at UT. Last month I suffered with TECO weird policies and unorganized team.

It almost unbelievable what happened.

On May 22th I'd moved to my new apartment. In order to get my lights on I called TECO on Monday, 18th. I was told I had to make a deposit and fax my documents to a specif number. On Tuesday, I went to TECO building downtown to try to pay my deposit and give my documents. For my surprise, TECO has no customer service place; which means if I want to get something resolved or done, I have to trust today's technology. So on Wednesday I paid my deposit online and I faxed my documents. For my surprise, I moved on Friday 22th, and my lights, and TECO didn't turn my lights on. I called them, I was told that I didn't fax my documents, so they could turn it on. I asked one more time if there was a real place that I could go and show/give my documents; but once again I was told I could only fax it. So I faxed it again on Friday. However, I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday (which was a holiday) in the dark. Again on Tuesday, I called them to make sure they got my documents and that my lights were being turned on. Someone confirmed they received my documents, and said that I had to wait 1 to 2 business day(which i think is absurd already). Anyway, I called again on Wednesday because i wanted to see how the process was going, and for my surprise, someone tells me that it wasn't in process because I didn't fax my documents. WOW!!! That was crazy, and the girl on the phone insisted that I faxed my documents for the third time for the same number that never gets my faxes. So I was transfered to the manager, because I wasn't going to fax my documents again to a place that never receives it.Joselyn, the manager, told me to fax the documents to her machine. And so I did. But still my lights weren't turn on Wednesday. I had been living in the dark for almost a week, and I was tired of TECO, so I went to the human rights department of Florida, and they called TECO for me on Thursday, and they promised that on Thursday my lights would be turn on. 6pm and my lights weren't turned on. SO I called them one more time, and I was told that my residence was in the schedule for that day and I didn't need to worry because my lights would be turn on; which didn't happen. My lights were only turned on Friday, a week later of what expected.

My question is, how come a company so unorganized don't have a personal customer service? A place that we can go phisically and solve problems? I come from a third world country, and I can probably do that in my country. I will probably wait in line for 3 hours, but is better than waiting a week at home.

Isn't there some law about customer service that prohibits this kind of abuse?

How come a service that is so essential for people be so regardless taken care of?

No explanations were given to me.

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