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Strike 3!!!

In late may/early june I was going away on vacation out of the country. I stopped at a branch and told them specifically I will be out of the country and do not freeze my account for strange charges for a week.. First day on the cruise what do I get frozen account.. Strike 1

One month later I took my lunch and went to go fill up my car with gas.. Live in nj so they pump then charge, card got decline, walked into the little to go store they ran it just in case card still declined.. Walked over to the atm tried to take out money with more then enough in my account still declined... Called customer support turns on visa cancelled my card due to fraudulent activies by a company I recently made a purchase at.. Td bank did not warn or notify me of my card cancellation. I have one other credit card for emergencies I do not like to use and if I didnt have that I would have been screwed.. Strike 2

Went and took 300 dollars from the td atm in my town.. Atm gave me 260 bucks.. I counted it 5 times before calling customer support. Was repeatedly put on hold until they said the atm ran out of money and they will credit back the 40 dollars by tomorrow morning.. Next day no money... Called back and they said since I took it out after 10pm it is the next banking day and will get it back the next morning.. That morning came still no cash.. Called the local branch they tell me that the customer support is wrong and that they are lying to me and that they have to audit the atm to see if it is over 40 dollars.. At that point if it is they find it over I get my money back.. Conflicting stories strike 3!!!

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  • Gi
      Sep 03, 2018
    TD Bank - Closed an account without notification.
    United States

    TD charged my account a fee for a withdrawal by a company that I'd instructed notified not to draw money. I deposited the money to cover all costs but TD still charged a second fee and added the amount they returned so my account would continue to be in the red for sixty days and they could close my account without notification.

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  • Un
      Sep 10, 2018
    TD CANADA TRUST - customer service

    td canada trust are the most uncaring and ignorant bank I have ever dealt with. I have be a customer with them for over 50 years. I have in the past year asked for some help only to have them raise my interest rate by almost 200%.
    They are predators! Do not deal with td canada trust!

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  • Lo
      Sep 19, 2018
    TD Bank - Keefe Commissary
    United States

    I will continue to provide more information when I call in.

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  • Lo
      Nov 04, 2018
    TD Bank - Bank Accounts

    I went to 4 different TD bank branches for help since I was not able to login to my easy web. And I still cannot log into it and the problem still persists. It says your information does not match with our system. Even their managers are not trained properly !!I will close my account for good tomorrow. WORST BANK EVER!!!

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