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Today I got paid by my employer as I do every two weeks, but this time TD Bank is experiencing "delays" posting transactions to customer's accounts. I have no access to funds that are mine. The deposit can be proven with a pay stub that funds were transferred to my specific TD Bank account number on today's date. Yet, still no access to my funds.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in All Cities, PA Any bank that cannot post CASH DEPOSITS (direct deposit=cash) in a timely manner does not deserve my business. The is the LAST in a long line of bad experiences that I have had with TD Bank. I recommend to anyone reading this post that the immediately take their funds, investments, insurance, loans or any other product and transfer them to a more reputable company. TD Bank is NOT Commerce Bank by a long shot.

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  • Ja
      Sep 30, 2009

    I agree with you. I am beyond frustrated with TD Bank, their lack of knowledge on what is going on, when I will get MY money and how I am supposed to pay my bills which will be overdue. It even gets better that a few minutes ago they charged me an overdraft fee for going negative today...

    I will be changing banks tomorrow, that is for sure.

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  • An
      Sep 30, 2009

    Not to mention that if you try and call their customer service number, there is a message stating that "Your call cannot be completed at this time - please try again later". This makes it sound as if this is a telephone operator providing this message, but it is not. THEY HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO TAKE ANY CALLS FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS. THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I CANNOT EVEN TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT MY MONEY AND WHY IT IS NOT WHERE IT SHOULD BE. Oh - and they are not providing a time of resolution - it is listed on their website "as soon as possible". My funds better be in my account tomorrow or I will be filing official complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Reserve.

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  • Ir
      Oct 01, 2009
    I blogged about it this morning.
    Well I had the same issue this morning and Ilog in to see some crap that they are delayed in processing online seems there are a lot of people waiting for their money

    I am filing with the BBB today.

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  • Td
      Oct 01, 2009

    I finally got information about the "delay in posting funds" Here is a memo that I received from a friend that has a friend that works with TD bank.

    internal – Document for Communicating ACH File Issue

    What Happened:
    We learned early this afternoon that the Federal Reserve did not receive one of our ACH files scheduled for delivery on September 29th. We have since transmitted and received confirmation from the Federal Reserve that the file has been received. This issue is not related to integration activities and we are currently working on identifying root cause.

    Talking Points:
    The types of transactions included in the file were primarily payroll transactions. This means that the employees of our corporate customers with direct deposit effective dates of 9/30/09, will have a one-day delay in receiving their payroll direct deposit. Other types of corporate payments which also may be impacted include vendor payments, loan payments and other payments to suppliers. These payments also will be delayed by one day.

    Key Points:

    * Unfortunately, a file of ACH entries was not received and couldn’t be processed by the Federal Reserve and, therefore, was not distributed to receivers’ banks as intended.
    * The transmission was re-generated and successfully completed today.
    * Because of the transmission failure, several entries which should have hit receivers’ accounts before October 1, will not become effective until October 1.
    * We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers, their employees and trading partners.
    * TD Bank values its customers and are very sensitive to the relationships our customers have with their own employees, customers, and suppliers.

    Recovery: If our corporate customers or their employees have incurred fees with their financial institutions as a result of delayed transactions, we will provide restitution. Customers or their employees may seek restitution by visiting a TD Bank store.
    Customer Letter: If you are asked to provide a letter to your customer explaining the situation, please use the attached letter. The only modification should be the name and address.

    However, T.d. is handling the situation very poorly.Not answering there phone is so unprofessional!!

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  • Td
      Oct 01, 2009

    its not that td is not answering the calls, its that soooo many people are calling @ the same time & there's not enough customer service people in the call centers bc it sucks to work for td bank & there have been MANY people quitting. they dont tell the agents any info & gives us no details. we're just as frustrated as the customers bc we truly want to help but cant. also, a lot of the programs we use to help the customers has been crashing also. its just a sucky situation. i feel for everyone involved.

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  • Td
      Oct 02, 2009

    Same problem here, supposedly this is a ONE DAY lag behind thing. Well, here it is FRIDAY morning and the deposit that was suppose to be made WEDNESDAY evening/ THURSDAY morning is still not there. Rent check will bounce if this isnt straightened out today and we just moved into a new apartment. We also live paycheck to paycheck so I am also furious about this. Has anyone received their direct deposit yet? I am well past the 24 hour/1day supposed BS delay they keep telling everyone and someone mentioned in that "memo".

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  • Tr
      Oct 16, 2009

    I just noticed they charge me $4 every month maintenance fee for SAVINGS account. I have never heard anything like that. Then they charged me $35 overdraft fee for the transfer that didn't occur. This is preposterous. Tomorrow I am going to close my account with TD and I WARN ALL OF PRESENT AND FUTURE CUSTOMERS - get out of this bank as soon as it's possible. I will never come back NEVER!
    I've had the account with them since 2003 and now it's the high time to break the relation with THIEVES like TD BANK.

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  • Ks
      Nov 10, 2009

    Today is Tues. Nov 11th and TD Bank is still having problems. I made a CASH deposit to my son's savings account this afternoon. The account and available balance has been updated, however the ATM card can't be used. My son is getting a message, INSUFFICIENT FUNDS.

    I'm very dissapointed with TD Bank. Considering we ran into problems at the beginning of October, I chose to remain a faithful customer. Not any more!!

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  • De
      Oct 27, 2010


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