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TCF Bank / TCF takes advantage of their customers!

1 801 Marquette AveMinneapolis, MN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (612) 339-3075

I am furious with this bank. I set up a savings account so that I would have emergency funds. When I set up the account I specifically asked if the funds from my savings would be move to checking to protect against NSF fees and I was told that it would. I found out later that this was a lie. The product they offer for overdraft protection is a separate service and you have to apply for it like a loan. Anyway I had two tragedies happen within 2 weeks. Two of my family members were killed in terrible car accidents and i had to leave town. Upon my return my father in law was hospitalized for open heart surgery and my father was also hospitalized. I also come home to overdraft notices from TCF bank. They charged me $300 in NSF fees. I had over $600 in my savings which would have been more then sufficient to cover the charges on the account avoiding the NSF fees. I went to the downtown branch and asked to speak to a manager. She was extremely rude to me and sneered as I told for about my recent tragedies.I asked why the bank would not adopt the practice of many other banks as it pertained to savings accounts protecting checking accounts. She said that customers would be upset if the bank transfered funds from one account to other without the customers knowledge. I said you honestly think someone would be upset that you saved them from $300 in NSF fees? Yes, she replied. It is obvious that this bank uses NSF fees to take advantage of people who are having difficulties. Why else would they not allow an automatic transfer to cover a checking account. I was out of town with no internet access and no cell phone access. Needless to say that was the last thing on my mind when I was trying to bury a family member. This bank had no problem taking money from someone in a dyer situation.

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  • Ms
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    TCF is a terrible bank . PLEASE -If you have been a victim of TCF unfair proactices, please send your complaints to the National Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National banks (OCC)-Customer Assistance Group,1301 McKinney Street-Suite 3450, Houston, TX 77010. Please send your complaints with any proof you may have of your claim. I found the OCC helpful. The investigation could take up to 60days but it is worth it. I recieved hundreds of $$$ returned to my account. While each case is different- If you have been treated unfairly, this Federal agency can help. GOOD Luck.

  • Hi
      13th of Dec, 2007
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    On 11/7/07 I received a promotion from TCF bank saying if I open a checking and saving account and do a recurrent payment from the checking to saving for $25, I will receive a camcorder free in 6 weeks. After six weeks I called customer service and I was told that I was not eligible because I did have a recurring payment and they told me they can not help me and to go to branch manager. I went to see a branch manager and I were told that they can not help me and to see customer service. After going back and forth so many times one of the bankers told me he will help me. He checked my accounts and he said that they forgot to set up a recurrent payment and that he was going to fix that. He set up a recurrent payment for Dec 24 for $25. He also said that he will withdraw $100 from my saving account and put in my checking account and withdraw $20 from my checking account and put it in saving account and I have no idea why. The 100 showed up in my checking account but the $20 did not appear anywhere. I called him several times and he is making up stories then he told me that it is an accounting error that needs to be fixed except he is not fixing it. I told today that I will call FBI to investigate and he said it should show up in my checking account. Today I also spoke to customer service and asked them if I will still get my gift because I was planning to give it as Christmas gift to my daughter and she told me that there are no guarantees.

  • Ke
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    Smaller banks like TCF Bank make money on charging various fees including NSF fees. Under the law and Reg. E, these fees must be disclosed at the time you applied to open an account with the bank or notices timely provided to you if the terms were later changed. If, in fact, you opened an account with NSF coverage from another account belonging to you, TCF should, and must, provide the coverage. You should consult an attorney for TCF's violations to see if you have any recourse against the bank.

    Chicago Lawyer

  • Jo
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    Tcf bank sucks... it rips off their customers!

  • El
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I was a victim of TCF fraud and their prediatory lending practice. They stole over 30,000 from me. They threaten my kids, came to my house, 2 big heavy guys and said I was behind in my payment. I took a loan out for 5 years and paid on it for 3 years. I was always 2 months ahead in payment and with proof. This guy name Frank stated that he can call me when ever he feels like it. He call me after 10 pm. I filed a police report and with the phone company. I hired an attorney who sold me out and went golfing with their attorney. I want to bring a class action lawsuit against TCF and the attorney that also took additional money from me. I have every document of their threats , receipts where my payments was made on time inside the bank. After each payment I received a late notice and threats of foreclosure. TCF wanted my property, which they didn't get but they got my money. This company and their Lawyers are above the law. They can continue to be in business because they are not afraid of the law or anyone else. This is just the begining of what they did to me. The rest will continue to be unbelievable . I want TCF out of business due to their deceptive practice

  • Ti
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    This bank of full of baloney. The reps will tell you anything to get you in the door. I opened a checking account with them on 1/11/08, but to find out three days later, they closed it due to my credit rating. They told me they didn't do credit checks or chex system checks. They will do anything to make a lousy sale. So now, they have $30 of my money and I want it back NOW. My question is why didn't they say this in the beginning? It's not like they can keep the sale because now my account is closed. If you have bad credit or is in chexsystems, steer clear of this bank!

  • Mg
      23rd of Jan, 2008
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    TCF Bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt. It was in the end of November 2007 when i opened my account. The rep told me that it will be better if I open saving account too. Therefore I open both saving and checking accounts. When there was shortage of money, I thought I will take my money from my savings. But they told me that it is not allowed before 45 days and if i want than they will charge $45 and give the full money. I was stunned. Nobody has told me before. After 45 days I thought I will better close the saving account. I did close my accounts. I was using the Checking account nicely and it was very active until one day i found they have have rip me off. Since i was using pay pal as a payment on the ebay. Although I had a credit card back up for the payment I didn't know that it will go to my TCF checking account where there were no enough funds. There were 3 transactions. It was not that much amount (less than total of $150). They have charge $34 per transaction which I paid after in the total amount of $102. That day I cleared all my debt. Even the rep didn't tell me that i have pending transaction which they might charge extra fees. One day after, I thought that i will just check my account and shock to know that it was again the about the fees. I talked to the rep. She told me that she will not charge 2 transaction and I was happy with her generosity. Later after some time, again I called them to verify and found that she was talking about the other 5 more transactions even though they have returned the transaction to the paypal. I couldn't believe that. One day before I was at the bank and nobody has told me about the 5 transactions that may be filed for a memo and penalty. You won't believe that some transactions were 0.99 cents and less than $2. When I tried to contact the supervisor she told me although the money has been returned to the pay pal but you have to pay $34X3=$102 again. When I said why they have not mentioned a day before when i was at bank and clearing all the fines and debts and keeping additional money she could not answers.

    They have rip me off big time. $102+$102=202 for the total transaction of less than $200. These people are waiting the things to happen and rip you off badly without letting you know that you have a negative balance. I have to change my bank account to other bank who at least don't rip off so badly to the customer. Very disappointing experience. My biggest mistake that I chose TCF Bank as my primary bank. I need to close my checking account asap so that they won't rip me off silently next time.

  • Mg
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    This is regarding the same issue. Today, I found that the TCF has charged ($34x7) $238 for the 7 transactions for overdraft fee and they have paid only for 3 transaction only amounting total of approx. $121. When I was at the bank to pay for 3 overdraft fee nobody have told me that they will charge 4 transaction overdraft fee $34x4= $136. Although they have charge addition $34x4= $136 They have not paid for the later 4 transaction of overdraft which they are charging me additional $136. They have rip me off big time. Can some body help where i can report this issue or to any consumer service. Please email me. I will be really grateful. Thanks

  • Ce
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    This bank is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. They have taken $80 worth of fees from my SS check due to NSF funds that THEY caused!!!

    This is the second time they have done this in a three month period. If they don't return my fees, I plan to take them to pro se court (small claims). Perhaps everyone can do the same or perhaps we can all file a class action suit against them. I talked to four people this month that have had problems with them.

    And, if we get enuf people, maybe we can get some media attention as well. I am sick of them!! They rip people off!

    Know how I found this site? I typed in "Lousy TCF BAnk" and this is what came up.

  • Ta
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    Someone opened up a fraudulent account in my name. Beware people!

  • Mi
      6th of Mar, 2008
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    I found that in the middle of the night if you check your accounts by computer on their site in will give you inaccurate balances, and false amounts available.

    All to often the computer web site balance is different from the balance on the telephone system check number and also if you swipe our card you may get even more inaccurate balances. Then suddenly the system will update and you can be hit with up to seven $30.00 over draft fees. Other hinden fees they do not tell you about is non-tcf atm fees. When you use a non-TCF atm , that company will change you a fee and then TCF also charges you a fee-Double Charges. Everytime you use a debt on the card there is a extra fee. This is how they make money. Then in addition they solicit you to consistantly open new accounts stating that the account will be improved. In all they blame the consummer stating that they did not properly deduct or account for the use on the bank cards. Does any government agency look at the difference in the electronic statement for accounts and how TCF has set it up to bilk customers on fees.?

  • Ck
      21st of May, 2008
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    TCF Bank's online banking system is unreliable, their customer service is sub par at best, and their insufficient funds fees are excessive! Since opening my account back in December of 2004, my wife and I have paid approximately $4000 in insufficient funds fees to this organization. Recently we have experienced a rash of overdraft fees that have been so persistent, we now incur overdraft fees on a weekly basis because of their vicious cycle. But the overdraft fee that has caused me to issue this complaint was due to a deception with their online banking tool. A set of overdraft fees from the week before left our account balance reeling once again. As of Monday, 5/19/2008, we had a balance of approximately $80.84, which included a deposit of $76.74 made at 5:30 pm that evening. The account balance of $80.84 was the amount that was reflected online via their system. The following day I reviewed the balance again online, and discovered a check had cleared for $53.00, dropping our balance to $27.24. Little did I know, TCF had actually cleared the check on 5/19/08, and because my debit card purchases were still "pending", and because I had not deposited the aforementioned check before 3 pm on the 19th, TCF gave me a negative balance and hit me with overdraft fees totaling $136.00. Since 4/9/08, TCF has managed to withdraw $1, 224.00 from my checking account for “NSF Fees”. They did return $150 of those fees and were quoted as saying, "that is the best we can do." I do not intend to keep my business with TCF bank. I will close my accounts with what little money I have left as soon as I get the opportunity. Shame on them for praying on their customers. People rely on the money they steal to pay for gas, groceries, bills, medicine, and other daily necessities. And do they offer their customers overdraft fee protection like other banks? No. And why not; because they would be losing out on thousands (if not millions) of dollars in revenue. I am not expecting TCF to perform miracles, but the fact of the matter is they do as little as possible for their customers. The associates at their customer assistance help line and their branches are extremely rude and unprofessional, and I feel they have never put forth the effort to say that the customer’s interest come first. They are an organization that operates banks in a blue-collar chain of grocery stores; they pray on the financially weak and mathematically inclined. Perhaps I have been one of those customers, but I will no longer stand for it. I will never bank with TCF again because of this experience and I will guarantee that every time TCF bank comes up in future discussions, I will have nothing but negative things to say about this corporation.

  • M
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    TCF is far too eager to charge overdraft fees. I checked my balance continuously over a five day period in order that I would not incur overdraft fees since I had a large check (which was covered by my balance according to their ATMs) floating around out there. I wrote the check for 575.00 on friday, charged 1.07 for a Redbox DVD, 3.35 to Cub Foods for cereal, 1.76 for a fountain drink and a candy bar at Holiday gas station and 15.00 for a meal at a restaurant. All of these were at various points during the following week after I wrote the check. Finally, the check cleared, which put me at 11.00 and some change, and then all four of those small charges went through on the same day.

    Now, this is my fault for not keeping a register. But I trusted their ATM balance records. When I asked them why the largest item would go through first, customer service replied, "Well, sir, we send those through first because that way, if you have less money in the account, they are more likely not to dispute paying the check if you have insufficient funds fees." So, basically, they are saying that they were doing me a favor because I would have been approximately 9.00 over my limit and then the claims department might have been iffy about paying the overdrafted check. This way, they tell me, when the big stuff goes through, I have more money in my account and "if it were a mortgage check" I would be sure to be covered. I truly do hate TCF bank now. They reversed one of my fees for me. I told them that I would feel that I was fairly treated if they reversed two of them. The whole mess IS technically my fault, of course, since I "should have kept a register" and not "trust the ATMs." I mean, 68.00 in overdrafts is free money for them, right? Nothing lost if they give me 34.00 back to buy some groceries. But of course, there is no appeal, no recourse for any of this problem that I'm having. I just have to suck it up. So I will, and I will post this to as many places as I can.

    Thanks for reading. Do yourself a favor and NEVER bank with TCF.

  • Da
      15th of Jun, 2008
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    This bank is terrible, I recently moved to Minnesota I'm only going to be here for a couple of years but wanted a local bank didn't know much about the banks around but picked TCF because they have a branch in the state I'll be moving back to figured that would make it easier when I want to close it out. Anyway I work here but the company I work for is out of state so all my payroll checks are out of state. I Deposit them into my TCF accound they tell me that they will hold the funds for 10 business days because it is out of state check. I say but it is a payroll check they say it doesn't matter. I say don't you just use the routing number and acount number on the bottom of the check to get the funds anyway? They respond no check are sent to other state and need to be cleared. I say I'm going to have one of these checks everyweek they will be from the same bank and will all say payroll on them isn't there anyway were we could not have this 10 day holding they says well after 30 days we won't have to hold them for 10 days just until they clear. Ok that doesn't sound, it kind of sucked the first month because I basically had to wait to use my funds to pay bills an extra two weeks, but after the 30 days I figure I'm ok because i had the accountant back at the office check for me when the check clears back in Michigan, took 2 days for the funds to clear the bank back in Michigan. The TCF website is no help because it either shows pending or posted on their website for transactions. I call cutomer service and they said posted doesn't mean that the funds are available it just means the transaction was posted, ask them how do I tell what funds are available they say go to the bank and ask or call customer service. Well anyway all my checks I write start bouncing and I get fees charged for insufficient funds even though I have the money in my account. So now I call customer service they tell me they are still holding funds for 10 days because it is out of state check, I say but the check cleared, they say no it hasn't, I say yes it has I called the bank in michigan and the check cleared three days ago. Long pause on the phone, than I'm disconnected?. I call back get somebody else, they tell me the same thing, I explain to them that I was told the 10 days was only for the fisrt 30 days after that it was suppose to be available after the check clear and the check has clear you have the money in the account you are just holding onto it. They tell me the funds are available now but yesterday when they returned the my checks the funds weren't available, So now I'm really upset you returned all the checks yesterday knowing that my funds would be available today. Well anyway to make a long story short I kept getting disconnect and kept having to call back but I did finally get a hold of a customer service perosnell who refunded me all the insufincent fund fees that TCF charged me, but I still got screwed because if the places I bounced checked at charged me fees that TCF would not refund. Me I withdrew I'll my money and opened up an account at a different bank. I would not recommend this bank to anybody and can't believe they are still in business.

  • Ma
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    Here you have official sites to make COMPLAINTS, time to STOP them.They are robbers. Stole from our checking account $2445.00.
    Two Thousand Four Hundred Forty Five Dollars.

    The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency US Department of the Treasury :

    Federal Trade Commission :

    Illinois Attorney General (State&Federal fraud help) :

  • Ka
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    Well let me tell you about TCF Bank. I have used this bank for quite some time and I have been screwed every since. I had a few accounts that were deliquent and I was opening a new account and found out that they were out there. So I took care of the accounts. All 1, 3500 dollars worth. Well during this course I have found out the Loss Prevention was taking the interest from my savings account and paying on an account which I had already paid off. And due to misreporting on the accounts, I have lost those funds as well.

    So I finally got that cleared up and as of 8/8/2008 I went back into the bank to open another account and I deposited a check to do so. Well Loss Prevention stepped in again and opened the account and then closed the account based on another misreporting and an account that I was trying to payoff at the time the account was opened. So they disregarded the hold and put an additional 7 day hold on this account and now come to find out, the account of for payment have been closed.

    So now I m requesting the check to be sent back to me so that I can try to retrieve my payments for my work and they are refusing to give me that information back. This bank is so unsure of what they may be doing and how they are creating problems that are not needed. I am willing to do somthing in regards to a Class Action Suit as well. We need to be compensated for the uncessary damage that TCF has caused us as people.

  • Ni
      29th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    The unfortunate thing with all these negative comments (all of which are very to extremely negative) is that every person who ends at this point has already been taken advantage of by this souless juggnaut of a bank. Most of us more than once. I just typed in the wrong web address trying to access the TCF site, and this was the first or second option MSN gave me, but I'm glad I have found it.

    I have grown complacent with TCF Bank, as I have been able to keep my accounts far away from $0.00 and the dreaded NSF fees so often spoke of in this forum. But that is only in the now.
    I know...quite simply...the helpless rage TCF puts its customers through. The unsympathetic, unempythetic, seemingly robotic customer service they put forth.

    Only in anger, I assume, most web surfers do end up in this forum, and, once your anger and dire financial situations subside, you too grow complacent.

    So, in order to properly, and hopefully once-and-for-all actually do something to thwart TCF's obvious deceptive, greedy, malicious business/banking practices it uses towards the blue-collar, small business, new family, student, just graduated, everyone unfortunately caught up with TCF Bank, we all must not grow complacent.

    Go to the above listed sites. Tell em'. Get proof. I have gotten customer service members to ADMIT that they have a formula/equation they use in order to ring up as many NSF fees as possible. Pending?? Why? They are waiting to get your money.

    Do someting or get out.

    Apologies for the melodramatics

  • No
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    TCF = Totally, and Completely ### Up!

    TCF at 80th Arvada, CO: The only bank that told the customer in the express lane drive thru to go to use the service at other branches. Because he kept the customer waiting more than 20 mins, he was so busy with personal phone call. What's an idiot?

    TCF at 287 & S.Boulder Rd, Lafayette, CO: Told the customer who wanted to transfer fund with Western Union to use the phone. Then, when the customer was done with the Western Union transaction, the TCF's lady told the customer that she couldn't finished the transaction because the system down. Is she an idiot or lack of commonsense? Why not tell the customer before the transaction started? And, the waiting time could be from 5min to 2 hrs. Again, she told the customer to walk across the street to use the service at KingSooper.

    TCF is the worst bank in the markets.

  • Ka
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    HORRIBLE bank!! I have an automatic withdraw come out of my account monthly. This month, the auto withdraw of $50 was not there, so it KEPT trying to come out. I got charged NSF fees 8 times!!! So my $50 payment ended up costing me over $250. This bank is ridiculous and they rip people off.

  • Pr
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    It's called Identity Theft. It happens everywhere

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