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TCF Bank / Worst customer service ever

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TCF Bank- worst customer service ever. Zero training with the service agents – uneducated and no help. Terrible policy that STEAL from the customer’s.

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  • An
      9th of May, 2007
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    I agree. I was relying on someone to deposit a check and of course they didn't come through as I had hoped. Unfortunately that is my fault and I except full responsibility for it. However, I was charged over $150.00 in fees alone, for transactions that equal less than $50. I called to try and explain that I infact have $1500.00 in my savings account and that the money was there, but in another account. I tried to work it out to get the fees reversed but I wasn't able to get anywhere. The operator I spoke with was very nice but wasn't able to do anything and didn't transfer me to a supervisor that I could speak with. I am a single mother and am on a very limited income. That money in savings was for my rent the next two months, and now I don't even have enough to pay that because of this bank. They are terrible!! I would never recommend them to anyone. In fact, I was recently told that a friend of mine's mother was married to one of the Vice presidents of TCF in Minnesota. He recently passed away a few years back and she was still using the checks. Of course she has money, but wasn't able to use her TCF check at a fitness store because they wouldn't even accept them due to all of the issues that they have had with the bank in the past. That's pretty bad when a business won't even accept a TCF check.


  • Da
      11th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    TCF has been a great bank for me. It sounds as though both of you might find balancing your checkbooks helpful to avoid overdrafts.

    It seems to be a general trend that no checks (not just TCF) are excepted at many places any more.

  • Ju
      11th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree. The TCF ATM allowed my to take $300 from my savings account only to find out later that it took it from my checking account and charged my $66 dollars in service fees. When I called and complained the customer service agent explained “my card was not connected to my savings account so it took it out of my checking”. When I asked her why it gave me the option to take it out of my savings she said, “my card was not connected to my savings account so it took it out of my checking”. Getting nowhere with her responses, I asked to speak to her supervisor. I was on hold for about 15 minutes before the agent came back and said they would reverse the charges.

    I live in Hastings, MN and there are 5 businesses that I know of with signs behind the register that say “We do not accept checks from TCF”. Apparently, TCF is too lenient with their screening process and will give checks to anyone with an ID.

  • Br
      17th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree with both of you who say TCF has basically stolen from you and disagree with the person who said "it may be helpful to balance our checkbooks". Little hard to do that when the bank "overdrafts" you by mistake EIGHT times when there is money in your account, then only reverses 5 of them even though there shouldn't have been any to begin with now isn't it? And the stores that do not accept tcf checks clearly state "we do not accept TCF CHECKS". Maybe you should read a little more carefully before you write a totally uneducated reply. and yes, the employees at tcf are unmotivated, ignorant, completely rude and could care less what happens to your money, as long as they get to scam some of it off of you before you realize they're the worst bank that has ever been in business.

  • Tc
      21st of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Learn how to balance a check book, know how a long a check takes to clear when you deposit it, and know the bank's cutoff time that they are on the next day. It's as simple as that folks. Theres no money scam here don't spend money you dont have. And if tcfs overdrafts are so hight why do you bank there still? Go to chase and pay per day that the account is negative, im sure you would enjoy that even more, huh?

  • Ms
      5th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Seeking anyone that might of had experience with TCF Burr Ridge collections department, including failing to respond to any consumer dispute of alleged late payments, harassment, inappropriate comments, and such.

  • Ka
      28th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    No customer service what so ever. NONE.
    My mother was telling them this and the Assitant Manager said "I don't like your attitude" and proceded to rip up a paper that supposed to credit some of our money back that TCF ripped off from us. Wow, talk about professional.

  • Ri
      18th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    TCF Bank is the ultimate rip off bank. I opened an account and they ripped me off for what they said was a "substitute check" which was perfectly good as I collected the money directly from my client. They then closed my checking and savings account which still had money in it, charged me fees for a returned chack and are still holding onto my money in the savings account!!! They are the ultimate ripoff bank of all time.

  • An
      15th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    TCF has been delaying my direct deposits. My employer always sends me direct deposits on Fridays and I haven't been seeing them until Saturday or Monday. My employer hasn't done anything differently. Sometimes the direct deposit will show up on Friday and be available, and then I use that money and the direct deposit doesn't "post" until the next day. How can a bank hold a regular ACH deposit past the day it comes in?

    TCF refuses to even investigate my claims and I'm completely polite on the phone but customer service representatives snap at me, "WELL SIR, if you managed your account a little better and kept track of your finances, " as if it's my fault that TCF is just trying to collect more fees. I've also been told I need to keep a register, and the fact that I keep my register in Quicken means I'm "not fully committed to keeping a positive relationship with TCF." One employee told me that I'm "no longer a valued customer."

    Obviously if I'm getting paid $3, 000 every other week I'm going to be fully aware of my account. And it's not as if I don't have money -- TCF just doesn't offer an automatic transfer service from savings like most other banks do. And don't get me started about their crappy and slow online banking system that always gives wrong information.

    TCF Bank absolutely sucks, I refuse to tolerate being treated like a criminal lowlife every time I talk with customer service.

  • Ry
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I opened an account a week ago because of their hours of operation and my work schedule. The branch employees barely spoke English, and were extremely rude. I stated that I wanted the cheapest checks, and was told that would cost me around $8. Today I find out that in fact it will cost me over $16 as the branch didn't sign me up for the cheapest checks, but ones with a logo that cost more. I'm positive that it was deliberate.

    I also for some reason didn't receive any starter checks...when I asked the two girls behind the counter had a conversation in Spanish and in the end said they set up my account 'differently'. I felt like getting into an argument about that simply would have been pointless with the language barrier, I might as well have been on the phone with customer service in India.

    So I walked out, without checks, without a temporary check card, and thinking "what the hell did I just get myself into?"

    As much as I hated Chase, I at least felt like the branch employees were competent.

  • Kr
      2nd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I think TCF is an awful institution. I check my balance every day and then the next day things are in a completely different order. Them paying the highest check first is just plain wrong. I first of all should not of had any overdraft charges since I deposited cash before the checks went through...the automatic telephone line and computer will give me a balance on a Saturday and then on Monday the Bank tells me I did not have a credit on Saturday!!! The customer service reps are rude and talk to down to supervisor hung up on me. I was charged 5 late fees when I deposited cash the same day but they stack the transactions so they can charge you fees...people who say to balance must have a lot of money...I work 2 jobs and so does my spouse but we still live paycheck to paycheck...why because banks dont care about the person anymore ...only the almighty dollar.

  • Ni
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    This bank does not have a clue how to do business. Mona the branch manager was contacted in person on Thursday July 3rd 2008 at 9:05am to start a instant wire transfer, this was so I could get a car before the 4th and not be stuck taking taxi cabs everywhere.

    Mona then said she processed the instant wire transfer, and 4 hours later I call up asking the status, she then takes 30min to tell me a routing number is wrong.

    Come to find out it was NOT wrong, and next thing you know she cant process this instant transfer until Monday the 7th of July 2008.

    Now I am stuck without a car, the people who I am buying the car off of think's I am full of crap because they never heard of a Bank doing this, saying a routing number is wrong when it is not.

    But what is someone to expect when you are taking out a good amount of that banks money to another bank, which is the competition. TCF shows here that if you try to take money away, they make it near impossible, with fake problems and errors.

    So Stay away from this bank, unless you want to have over $8, 000 in limbo where its non refundable, so if these people sell the car, Im not only out a car, but over $8, 000, because you can NOT reverse a wire.

    Thanks Mona, you made this 4th of July one to remember. A ruined one, and now I have to live with not knowing what the hell is going on with my money that is in limbo until monday.

    If I had Mona's last name it would be posted here because she deserves to be called and told how great of a bank manager she is. NOT.

    I hope you stuff your face this holiday Mona, because come monday you will get a call from me ever 1 min after 9am EST until you get this instant transfer done.

    For anyone who thinks this is just a specific problem to this location, please cut/paste the below link, which is to a google search to show how many other websites / complaints are out there for this lovely bank :

  • Th
      8th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

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  • De
      11th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    We have been using TCF because of their business hours. Boy, what a huge mistake, we have had nothing but problems. You can call to inquire about your account but it will not do you any good. We waited almost two months to receive our check card and every time we called it was a different story, first they stated to us that the account was never funded but we had made a deposit of $100.00 to start the checking account and they also took $16.00 out of the $100 for the checks that we ordered but they said they did not show that in their computers. Then they stated that they issued the card and it had been activated, we told them we had never received it and asked for a supervisor, who told us that a card had never been issued to us at all, she told us she would issue one right away and she did, when we got the card and tried to activate it it said that it could not be activated because the account did not exist. When we called they said they had closed the account because of inactivity, WHAT ?? !!! It was a new account that we had never used because we were trying to get all of the other issues squared away. After several phone calls to them I just could not help myself from asking them if the main branch was ran out of someones basement!!! Then I shared my thoughts as to what TCF really stands for ( The Customer is [censored]ED ) they were so rude and incompetent I cannot get over it and have since started using fifth third bank. But here is the real kicker, all of a sudden we started receiving bank statements from TCF that showed the $100.00 deposit minus the $16.00 for checks, so we call to tell them that this account is closed but they said it was never closed and has been active for over three months!!! I give up!!

  • Cu
      27th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    TCF has poor customer service!!! Being a bank you would, at minimal, expect to see knowledgable respectful people to secure yourself that these people knows how to handle your money that you trust with them. Marrel whom I spoke with was not thorough when speaking and keeps asking for my same information over and over. Not only that but she didn't seem to know how to work the system. I could tell she did not want to be at work for that day! I believe that working for a bank requires you to know what the [censored] you are doing. Her attitude is an insult to TCF! I can't believe TCF would hire a person with such low knowledge and suck disrespect towards a customer. After not being able to simply changing my auto withdrawls from one account to another, I had to resort to calling in their automated phone line. talking to the person on the phone was extreme difficulty because the person tried to throw me to another branch office until I used the the phrase "what the [censored]" to show my frustration.

    If you are incapable of providing service in the customer service field, especially for an institution that is trusted to handle billions of dollars each day...LEAVE. There are tons of people out there who needs this job more than you and probably will do it better. TCF needs to up their standards for hiring people. I hope those who read this can understand the kind of bank TCF is.

    TCF is like one of those desperate colleges that needs students. If you can't make it into the local prestigious colleges, then go to the cheap community college that might not even be and accredited college. If you can't open and account or get a loan...go to TCF they can do it for you because they are desperate. All the screenings...its just a bluff.

  • Kd
      4th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    tcf bank sucks, don't ever bank with this bank.They are a ripoff, they will steal your money.

  • Tc
      21st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Run Run Run from tcf. I finally wised up and switched from tcf ban to a credit I have not changed the way i do my banking one bit however in the 3 months I have been with the credit union i have not received one fee not one. While at tcf I ouwld be charges a minimum of $10.00 in fees each month usually more. God forbid you overdraw your account by $1.75 they will pounce on you immediately and not just charge you one fee they will purposely run you charges through highest to lowest tell ing you there doing you a favor while maximizing there over draft fees.

    Bottom line is don't ever bank with tcf. Your best bet is to go to a credit union or a small bank where they actually appreciate there customers!!

  • 22
      8th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I’ve been charge 350.00 in NSF fee I over drafted my account only 20.00, the only reason I over drafted my account was because a merchant charge me twice on accident. TCF filed a claim for that charged. By the time I got a credit for the 2nd charge I was in the negative for the same amount of the 2nd charge, with 8 NSF fee on top of that. Customer service does not help at all and would not reverse the charges. They steal your money and don’t care. Their online and phone system’s are never right it will tell you one thing and then the next day it tells you something else. This Bank is horrible.

  • Do
      2nd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    They are sucking [censor] hole thats all and they are going to go under debt soon i am sure the way they are treating their customers. No one wants to bank with them by reading all these comments i feel like i am not the only one who doesnt like them but there are million more to go who does not like these [censor]. Horrible bank, does not know ABC of bank. they had only one good opiton open every day but now days every bank is open every day. They all will go to Hell for charging us all these fees. Mother [censor]ers.

  • Vi
      30th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had a loan with them and the last 2 weeks they decided to clean me out. I decided to go to the ATM and opend up a new bank account with a new bank. All of my direct deposets are going to my new bank.
    I called the [censor]s at customer service and I finaly had gotten to the right person and during our conversation I felt like a criminal art the cop shop being interigated. I would'nt recomend tcf to no body.

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