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Tata Sky / faults & problems

1 India Review updated:

After a lot of Salesmanship & persuasions from your Marketing guys, I finally decided to invest in 3 Tata Sky Connections. That time your staff told me that my life would change after that. We then bought the 3 Connections & our Lives turned to WORSE after that due to several Faults & Problems in your systems.

First of all let me tell you what I was PROMISED:

1) World Class Sat TV Service
2) 24 Hrs Help Available
3) My Life will become Jhinga Lala
4) All my Cable TV Problems (3Connections) be over.
5) 24 Hrs Clear Digital Reception- NO DISRUPTION, Guaranteed.

We were quite impressed with the Promises & we disconnected our 3 Cable Connections & invested in 3 Tata Sky Connections. But alas from the very

Second Day The TRAUMA & TENSIONS started as Follows:

1) The Installer did not fix the Dish/Antenna on our Roof Properly, so the Pictures started distorting. We called your Help Line, but they could not sort the Problem on Phone, so we had to wait till next day for your mechanic to come & rectify the fault. So 24 Hours without Tata Sky.

2) Whenever there is a Medium breeze blowing or even a slight drizzle or the start of Rain, all the Channels start getting distorted. Again we call up your help line several times for this peculiar problem, but they could not help. They kept on telling us to check the Signal Strength, take out the Digi Card & put it back again after switching off the TV for a few minutes, etc. Oooofh! What a waste of Time & Energy! Two of your Executives even accepted that this Problem is there in Tata Sky that whenever the Rain Starts or a strong Breeze starts, the TV Pictures get distorted. Shocking isn't it?

3) The WORST is yet to come. Continuously All thru 24 Hours some kind of Coded Labels/Stickers keep appearing on the Screen of all our TV's. Some of the Labels are: [protected], 000CC966, [protected], 000.508.5179-9, [protected], etc.

These Labels/Stickers keep appearing at all crucial places on the Screen, sometimes blocking an important part of the Screen. Eg: (a) A question is asked by the Quiz Master and as soon as the answer appears on the screen, the Label blocks a part of the answer for No Rhyme or Reason. (b) A beautiful Lady/actress is dancing in one of the Channel programmes, suddenly one of the Labels appear on her face or Chest, spoiling the scene for the Viewers. It's really disgusting at Times, when you are watching Intensely. On Calling up your Help line they showed their inability to rectify this, as it was Signal Testing/Piracy test going on & it comes from Chennai. Sir, why so many different kinds of Labels, so many times- virtually thru the day & night to Test your Signals etc? And why are these Labels coming in or around the Centre of the Screen?? If you want to check your signal or piracy etc-then do it on the 4 corners of the Screen & not in the Centre areas PLEASE.

4) My old Mother aged about 80 years is so much fed up with these problems that she has removed the Sky TV cable & restored her old Cable TV connection. She could not cope up with your so-called Modern Technology hazards creating Depression & Anxiety faced during Prime Time Viewing. She has asked me to convey to you that you should inform your Customers of these Shortcomings before they take your Connections -IF ONE WANTS TATA SKY CONNECTION THEN HE SHOULD NOT ALLOW RAIN OR STRONG BREEZE TO COME NEAR HIS/HER HOUSE, HE SHOULD BE READY TO WAIT FOR 24 HOURS TILL HELP COMES TO RECTIFY THE DEFECTS, HE SHOULD ENJOY THE DIFFERENT LABELS & STICKERS APPEARING ON THE TV SCREEN AS A PART OF ENTERTAINMENT, HE SHOULD NOT DESERVE HIS FAVOURITE CHANNELS LIKE SAHARA SAMAY, ZOOM ETC. HE SHOULD ALSO HAVE A CABLE CONNECTION AS STAND BY EVERY TIME THE TATA SKY GIVES PROBLEMS & FINALLY, TATA SKY IS MEANT ONLY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE NOT OLDIES.

5) Though promised but you have yet not installed favorite Channels like- Zoom, Sahara Samay, CTVN, Taaza TV, etc which are very popular in this part of the Country-maybe not in Chennai. We are still waiting in the Sea of HOPE as promised by your Executives & agents.

6) Even Yesterday your Signals went off Three Times during the Day including at 12 Noon & 3 pm and restored after app 10-20 mts each time. In fact we rushed to our Mothers TV as she was watching her Cable connection, which was clear.

I am a heart patient suffering from severe cervical Spondilitis & I am really fed up on these Shortcomings of yours. So I approach you to take Immediate Action as follows:

A) Please Stop displaying your Signal Stickers/Labels anywhere on the Screen, except on the Corners.
B) Rectify the fault of Distortions due to Rain/ Strong Breeze problems.
C) Include the Favorite Channels like ZOOM, Sahara Samay, CTVN, Taaza TV etc. Failing which please disconnect my Tata Sky Connections & Refund me the Entire Money.

I had Full faith in all Tata Companies as I myself worked with them for 15 Long years, but today I am loosing Faith & Confidence in this new Venture – Tata Sky. I am sure Mr. Rattan Tata is not aware of these Shortcomings otherwise he would not have tolerated these Nuisances. There are many others who are facing these problems but they choose not to complain now, but they will surely do it later when they get fed up and then you will face the problem of eroding your Customer Base. You have a tough competition & you must provide Best of Services to retain your Market Share. Please do Respond with Corrective Action taken as I am interested in YOUR Prosperity & Image, being an ex TATA Employee. Some of the Complaint Nos are: 1-[protected].27/5, [protected], 1-[protected] etc. Surprisingly These Complaint Nos do not follow any Pattern & are not systematic. I AM IN COMPLETE TENSION AS SEVERAL COMPLAINTS TO THEM HAVE BROUGHT NO RELIEF NOR EVEN A REPLY... Deepak Bahl

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  • Ra
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    Dear Deepak Saab,

    I am a Native of Chennai and aiming to become a Tata Sky customer. As always, I did my entire research and went through loads of forums and discussions for the past three days. Nowhere I saw a proper response from Tata Sky. Sure they all know that there are problems and its just that they did not take it serious. The reason is obvious - PRIVATE SECTORS ARE INTERESTED ONLY IN MONEY AND THEY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - ESPECIALLY DTH AND MOBILE SERVICES.
    I have decided that I would never go for private sectors again (except that I am is forced to accept some services due to many dependencies) I am 31 years old and I still remember the Tata Shampoo smell and goodness which I used about 22 years ago. Those honest days and men are gone and today the industry is ruled by ###s who aim is to make money - no matter what.

    The TRAI regulations ordered to provide STB that would work with any DTH. TATA has no plans in the near future to make this happen - which still locks down the customer to stay with Tata Sky. The regulation was passed in Dec. 2007 and it is still a dream for people like us.

    Dont worry about the installations and other charges you carried on your shoulder - There is a simpler way to regain the peace of mind. Think that you offered the money for an AIDS Patient or donated for killing a ### virus and remove their association.

    - INDIAN.

  • Ka
      5th of Dec, 2008
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    Decoder - TATA SKY
    United States


    Can Tata Sky work in NZ? If yes, what degree can I keep the satellite? What frequency etc...? Please help me if you know at the earliest...



  • Ze
      5th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Your issue regarding the weather as well as number of channels is unjustified. About the rains, it is the problem with the technology. On they website they have very clearly mentioned about this problem. Even Dish TV and Big TV have this same problem. It is unfair to blame only tata sky. About the channels, you must have taken a package of your choice. If you want more channels, you must take some other package. When buying you knew what channels you were getting. So I feel your complaint is unjustified.

  • El
      16th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    The numbers are so people cant make illigal dvds or recordings of the channel BUT TATA SKY STILL SUCKS!!! AIRTEL IS BETTER

  • Mr
      1st of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    The points tht u have mentioned regarding the things promised are all actually been satisfied.. The service and the 24 help is evident since u can not only get in touch with them thru their helpline no. but also via their site and they are very responsive to the complaints, thts what i have experienced considering the couple of encounters with them. The reception during rain is something no DTH can avoid. and they have recently added new channels as well. all tht sums up to be a great product in my view.

  • Su
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    One more problem is, in my TataSky setup box, the signal gets distorted when I receive/place a call using my mobile (only with AirTel connection). I have re-produced the same in front of their technicians. Now, they are saying that it's my problem.
    How lame! How could that be my problem, I don't understand?

    These guys are so polite before they sell their product. And after that they just turn opposite.

    The Indian legal system should have some kind of customer satisfaction protection law like USA.

  • An
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    Tata Sky - Horrible service - never use them
    Tata Sky

    Never use this company for getting your DTH service. They absolutely have no sense of customer service. Extremely frustrating experience and absolutely no respect or basic understanding of customer service.

    I am sad to say that Tata Sky is a very disappointing service provided. I have had a terrible experience and will rethink taking any service or product from Tata. The DTH providing service is extremely poor and as a potential customer, I have been taken for a ride. It is unfortunate that a company like Tata fails terribly in providing the service for their customer. I would warn all other customers to think before they choose Tata sky.

  • Va
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    Hi AnuPar,
    Tata Sky is one of the top Dth providers. They have good customer care team to handle aftersale queries and issue. Their object is to resolve the customer greviance. Often in an unresolved case customer do blame it on the service but to resolve any issue it should be within the scope of the company. You seem to have a bad experience with the service provided but the object for your inconvenience is not mentioned. I have faced issue with my STB but all my problems were fixed by the CC without any technician visit. If you mention the reason may be you could get your problem fixed depending on the nature of it. The helpline is always available and they intend a satisfied customer.

  • A3
      26th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    i dont agree...the signal numbers/stickers are put by the the broadcasters/ tatasky and all cable dth iptv and digital cable have them.they put the stickers as to provide ligal and authorised cahnnels. during rain the recieption goes due to rain outage. this occures in all dth, digital cable platfrms across the world.


  • Fp
      1st of Sep, 2010
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    I agree with most of the points raised. The codes on screen, what you call stickers, are the most annoying issue I've had about Tata Sky from the beginning. There is NO necessity for these codes to be visible to the viewer. They should update their technology to make these verification codes hidden from the consumer, so that their customers are not inconvenienced. Sky in the UK does not have these codes visible to their viewers, so I don't see why TataSky can't get the updated technology from their parent company.

    With regards to the interruption in viewing during rain or heavy cloud, this is a feature of the technology and happens even abroad. However, the situation could be improved by TataSky by providing the customer with a larger dish. We discovered this morning, from the TataSky engineer who came to check out our problems, that they do have a wider dish but for some reason they fit the narrower dish for customers. In the UK we had an 85cm dish which only goes off in the heaviest of rain. My husband is of the opinion that TataSky should provide the larger dish instead of the small 60 cm one they have given us, which would greatly reduce the problems due to rain.


  • Fa
      18th of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    my tatasky is not working and my id number is 1014136343 and my mobil number is 09835668031 .so please solve my problem .tatasky is send messaging please pay packet but also pay 3000for years butalso no works. please solve my problem .my contact number is 09835668031.ok

  • Be
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    Tata Sky - Box not installed in ten days

    Tata sky si a fake company, they dont even have an office in delhi. If you face aany prob, everytime they used to issue you with a new complaint number for the same existing problem, no one is rteady to listen anything in co. The staff was not trained enough to understand anything.

    I have requested for relocation of my box and it took approx ten days for them to come and fix the dish. For the same problem i have 6 complaint id.

    If u r planning for set top box, then pls dont everrrr go for tata sky. Even if they offer you free subscription... Many of the tata sky eng numbers are out of service

  • Sa
      7th of Mar, 2011
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    Tata Sky + HD - Paid for systems but still disconnected
    Tata Sky

    I had 2 Tata SKY SD connections. I asked them to set up 2 TATA SKY+ HD for these. The local dealer arranged for 2 boxes and sent the TATA SKY personnel to set them up on the 1st March.

    The 1st set top box set-up without any issues. Now the 2nd box was not able to download the software so they took it back. No issues till now.

    Now start the problems.

    The 1 new set top box asked me for a re-charge. HUH!!!

    Why?? Because the service persons/dealers persons had created another Cust ID and issued the 2 NEW +HD boxes. There was an annual recharge (done about 4-5 days back only) existing on my old ID and also a 1700/- balance (as I had 2 sets running). I did not recharge it, and in fact called up TATA Sky call center with the problem.

    They, After verification of the 2 CUSTOMER IDs told me that they could see that one of the box installations was still pending, and they would merge the new Cust. ID with the old one, once this box was set up fully.

    This setup was done on 3rd Feb. This time the service staff at Ajmer got the box issued in my old ID only.

    I put in a request giving all the relevant details. The Customer Care also gave me an assurance that they would do the needful and I would get a CALL back from the relevant office to complete the process within 24 hours. They issued me a service request no. 1-9431707953 saying that they will get back to me by 16:14:42 on 04-03-2011. (WOW!! for the exact time).

    Now, no one contacted me, and I contacted their HELPLINE nos. again. This time the lady told me that she is putting a mail to Bangalore/Hyderabad and asking the relevant department to co-ordinate with me at the earliest. She was sure that they would call back within a few hours.

    They have such a funny system of disconnecting the TOLL FREE call after 7 minutes automatically. I was disconnected 4 times, explaining my problem every time to a new person, as I was also not able to get through to their regular nos. (non-TOLL FREE).

    The +HD box has to be recharged in 3 days. This set stopped functioning on the 5th morning. On calling up the local office and Customer care they assured me that they will clear the problem at the earliest.

    Finally in the evening of 5th, I got through the paid no. and had a long chat 1st with the person on the line, and then with their supervisor. They assured me that The problem would be resolved by Monday. I told them that I was returning all the sets and was now contemplating taking them to Consumer court, as they were out to cheat me. Even the dealer was after them to clear this up at the earliest. I asked them to put up my problem again to the relevant persons, along with my threat to return the boxes and ask for a full refund. They gave me a new request no. 1-9457202007 with assurance that it would be cleared within 24 hours.

    Now today is Monday 7th March night and STILL no call back. The dealer is finally resigned that the installed boxes (Both the functioning one and the non functioning one) are all coming back to him, and he will have to give me a refund.

    Is TATA stupid? Or do they have an It does not matter to us attitude?

    What do I do? return the sets, and let the dealer (Who is also my elder cousin) fight it out with the company? He is resigned to anything, and has had enough discussions with the TATA Sky executives, to no avail. :mad:

    Sandeep Garg

    (Cust ID no. 1062362866, Mobile no.: 9828053012)

  • Am
      9th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    it is very common. i am from TV/ satellite industry and I have never seen a single customer who is happy with DTH services (specially Tata Sky). I tried to contact a Sr. VP with to sort some customer issue (which were caused by Tata Sky); this Sr VP failed to sort this issue even after 12 months. Issues are still not sorted!! i reminded him number of times but his attitude is as such that Ratan Tata is working for him!!!
    I have friends who are waiting for response from customer care for more than 6 months.. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FELLOW VISITORS TO STAY AWAY FROM TATA SKY. it is a very good trap set by lucrative advertisement. experiencing these services is a bloody nightmare.

  • Sa
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been using tata sky for the last 4 years. I am very happy with their service, their helpline is always ready to help

  • Ge
      12th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    well i was going in for a new connections of tata sky but after looking at these feedbacks, i will better not opt for it.. i have found similar concerns of users all thro the web

  • Me
      1st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    we are not happy with tata sky connection, we had problem with its set top box, because of its low volume, then we complained about this to customer care.They sent their agent, he changed the set top box, he told there was no physical damage in set top box.after that, within 10 days we have already recharged upto 600rs.and this company is deducting our amount by applying extra much costly it is, in 10 days it take what about one month..., annual charges?At the beginning of tata sky service, we have already given the charges of set top box, and within 14 months, if set top box will have problem, then it is the mistake of customer, he have to pay at any cost.whereas no physical damage to set top box.whta's this rule, how can they emolliate us?very very poor connection.

  • Me
      1st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    actualy we are not happy with their explanation on deduction of our money from our tata sky account.

  • Dr
      11th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes
    Tata Sky - Ignorant behaviour.
    TATA Sky

    Dear Sir,
    I am a TATA Sky user. Due to some technical problem I am not getting the signal properly and I am unable to watch my TV. The problem started from 08-09-2011. I have informed the operator on 09-09-2011. He came and said that the antenna should be shifted to another place and he will come on 10-09-2011 early in the morning. Till now he has not come and he also switched off his cell phone. His name is Satish and his cell phone number is 08953185061 (as given by him). It is very problematic for me. Please help.
    Thanking you.
    Dr. Rumpa Das
    831. Awadh puri colony, Amaniganj.
    Faizabad. Uttar Pradesh.
    My TATA Sky subscription ID is 1068678356.
    My contact number is 08756860132.

  • Ra
      11th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got installed a Tatasky HD connection in July 2011 replacing the two STBs of DishTV. I was promised HD via the component outputs of the STB and did get it till 11th sept. 11. However, on 11Th sept. 11 the TataSky STB downloaded new software from their central server and now HD channels are now being displayed in HD. I have lodged many complaints but looks Tata-Sky is just not interested to get the Issues resolved. Their Technicians are unlearned and the Sr. Engineer who visited my place had very very restricted knowledge himself! HOW I WISH NOW THAT I SHOULD HAVE STUCK TO DISH-TV! Tata-Sky services is very poor and it is clear that the TATAs are going down in their reputation.

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