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This is without a doubt the most appalling customer service experience I’ve ever had.

I have spent hundreds (possibly over a thousand) on Tarte products through Sephora, and I loved them up until recently, when I discovered white fuzzy mold on my lipsurgence lip tints. I contacted Tarte with the problem. They said they would replace them if I would ship them back to them at my own expense (I live abroad). So I did that, and heard nothing. When I contacted them they apologised and asked me to send my order for the replacements. I did so and they told me that they had sent it out. The order never arrived. When I wrote them back about it they withdrew into a dead silence. So I asked them to forward my complaint to their main PR person. That’s when I got the incredible message below:

“tarte LipSurgence™ lip tints are all formulated with natural pigments that have been milled down into fine particles to create the colors you see. Since they are sourced from the Earth, not all of the pigments are identical in size, so occasionally some will appear more visible on the tint once the formula has been completely mixed. This is totally normal and does not affect the use or results of the product. The white pigments used in the matte lip tints to soften the color and texture may be more noticeable than those in other shades, but once you apply the product the payoff will be normal as the pigments all blend together. “

So there you go, folks —according to tarte, should you notice any white fuzzy growth on your lipsticks, not to worry, it’s totally normal. Go ahead and slather that stuff on! (Irony alert).

I wrote back that they couldn't be serious and re-attached the photos of the mold, and stated that I expected them to honour their promise to replace the lip tints. Since then there has been another deafening silence.

Quite apart from the alarming health implications of ingesting mold, I have returned the lipsticks at my own expense, and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I used to be a huge tarte fan, but sadly not any more. I now wish that I had never bought any of their products.


Mar 11, 2017

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