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I work in IT so fully appreciate the fact that companies are driving digital processes. However we can all agree that digital doesn't quite yet support the exceptions.
I placed a R5000 order with Takealot on 28/07. Got told on 03/08 that supplier for one of the items no longer stocks the product, fair enough even though notification was late. Today, when I should be receiving remaining balance, my phone, get an email notifying me that the courier got robbed with my order. Again, it happens, especially in this country. What I don't appreciate is the fact that I couldn't get proper support through the call centre. First I was put on hold when asking to be put through to the person who mailed me as I wanted to make arrangements for the product no longer in stock. Secondly I get told that the phone which I know is in stock in Jnb would now take 7 days due to the replacement process. Why should I wait a week due to theft? Had I just got transferred to the right person this exception would have been dealt with seamlessly. Instead I have to wait for email notifications for accurate information. When time is of the essence, I cannot rely on email notifications, alternative arrangements need to be made and fast. This is shocking customer service. The standard of which I'm unaccustomed to within the whole two years I've been purchasing from Takealot.

Aug 03, 2018

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