TAG Heure Carrera Racing Watch / Black coating comes off so easily

London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

My parents purchased this as a graduation watch for me £4, 450 ( approx US$ 6, 800) within the first month the strap stitching started to come undone but critically every time I wore this beautiful watch and it came into contact with a desk or anything firm the black would come off only pin head marks on the edges of the case but after a while too many marks and envisaging what it would look like in 10 years I started not to wear it for fear of ruining it ( I wore it at work behind a desk) TAG say its all accidental and not guaranteed, they seem to suggest I wear a cover over it ! Anyone else on this planet experienced this problem ? I would never buy a TAG or recommend a TAG to anyone. I use to think of them as prestige. What a joke. When my parents purchased it they were told by the assistant that it was black titanium carbide, anyone know what that means ?

TAG Heure Carrera Racing Watch
TAG Heure Carrera Racing Watch

Jan 28, 2015

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