TAG Heuermy visit to tag heuer shop at wisma atria

On the 10th of June, I walked in to Tag Heuer at Wisma Atria Singapore ready to buy Modular 45 watch for my friend in Indonesia. I'm very disappointed that the sales woman who greeted me was VERY RUDE, BELITTLING, JUDGEMENTAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I may not wear gold necklace or branded bag, but that is not how a salesperson should treat a customer who just walked it with a good intention. If one looked down on a potential customer just because he /she came in jeans and sports shoes, then that sales person doesn't deserve working in a service industry. I'm sure it should have been taught not to judge a book by its cover. I wouldn't have made my way to the Tag Heuer shop if I didn't wanna buy anything or no intention of checking out watches collection. The least she could have done was to smile and not smirk at my question "is this the modular 45?" And the least she could do is to show a little bit of passion than to disgust me when I asked "is this the latest model or am I missing Any thing else?"
What a shame that this rude sales woman is the person seated just beside the door - technically the first person anyone would be talking to when they enter the shop. I hope action can be taken on her so as not to chase away other potential customers at Tag Heuer Wisma Atria. I didn't catch her name.

Jun 10, 2018

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