TAG Heuerwon't honor waranty

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I had a Tag watch for 2yrs. and went to a reputable jewler to have a new battery put in it. They told me it was broken and needs a new movement. Because I had the jewler look at it, Tag won't waranty it. I will never buy another Tag watch, nor will I recommend it to anyone.


  • M
      Jan 27, 2009

    I have 2 tag watches (1x13 years old and 1x4 years old)... every time I have them serviced or the battery changed I receive news that the entire movement needs replacing at a cost of 30-50% of the replacement cost. I expect a Swiss watch of quality to be passed down to my son... looks like this will never happen. Never buy or recommend a tag watch again.

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  • J
      Aug 24, 2009

    Learn how to use the watch and you won't have that problem

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  • D
      Jan 30, 2014

    the watches tag sell are inferior sacks of over priced dog ###. Totally agree Mac..mines [censored]d and they wont honour the warranty

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  • C
      Feb 07, 2014

    HI guys,
    I'm sorry to hear that TAG Heuer watches you have are not in good condition. But maybe you should ask yourself a few questions before pointing finger at a company. 1st question : Did you purchase the watch in the TAG Heuer boutique or the so-called authorise dealer?
    I have 2 TAG Heuer watches - 1 purchase at the authorise dealer and other in the TAG Heuer boutique. The dealer which I purchase from offer me a Huge discount (20% + 5% if pay in cash) compare to the Boutique. As it was my 1st time purchasing a Branded watch, I decided to buy from the dealer. But eventually, I regret it. Just after 2 month of wearing, My watch break down. Bringing it back to the dealer where I purchase from and guess what, I was told to go to the TAG Heuer Boutique to complaint as they said they only sell watches to customer and they are no after sales services. So I went to the TAG Heuer service centre and have it checked. To my surprise, Its seem like the watch has lots of problem. Oiling dry up due to watch has not been used or wind for a long time. Which mean that its an old stock. So i check around and ask my friend. Eventually I found out that dealer actually take in old watches from their customer and resell it at a cheaper price. That why I never ever purchase from dealer anymore even if its cheaper by 10%. So guys, did you purchase at the boutique or dealer?

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