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I bought Duplicate Files Fixer in May 2017, and paid for a year's license (Cleverbridge ref# [protected]; purchase price $35.94). I immediately had to call customer service, as it did not work properly. Their customer service rep remotely accessed my computer, fiddled around, and got it to work--this fix lasted for less than 6 months. I went back to the program in mid October, having not used it since May. It demanded a new license key--when I input my license key, it said it had been used on too many computers. THIS ALL HAPPENED ON ONE COMPUTER; it was never installed on any other. I called tech support, and this is when it REALLY got strange. I was put onto a woman who said her name was Tina Cole (in India, really?), who remotely accessed my computer, said she was setting a system restore point (why?) but was in reality downloading some kind of software onto my computer. She then went into a relentless diatribe, talking at breakneck speed, about how I had many problems with my computer--there was lots of circling in red on various "readouts" on the screen in some software she put there, all in order to convince me that I needed MORE Systweak software to put things right. She also kept showing me that the license key showed it was expired, so I would need to re-purchase. I then dug out the email order confirmation, which expressly said that my license was due for renewal in May 2018. This stopped her for a minute, and I also asked her multiple times whether she was trying to sell me something else. She didn't answer directly, just kept with the hard sell--it was much like a not-very-good used car salesman doing his pitch. I told her that I would NOT be buying anything else from Systweak, and if she didn't want me to go onto the internet and trash the company as loudly as I could, she would make the software that I had already paid for work. I told her the whole thing was starting to look like a scam; I then asked for a supervisor. I next spoke to "James" (employee ID 1915), complained about "Tina" and asked what he would do to resolve the fact that my software stopped working. I also said that I suspected a scam. He said he would have a new license key sent within 24 hours--when I asked why so long, he had no satisfactory answer. The key DID arrive, I put it in, and all seemed to be fine. Then I did a series of scans, in which it became apparent that the key that they sent me just opens the software. In terms of finding duplicate files, it has been disabled--I tried it on many test folders, and it simply won't identify the duplicates. I believe this company should be shut down. After our chat, I looked to see what had been downloaded to my computer, and performed a system restore to get rid of it; that's how much I distrust this company, particularly after reading all the other complaints about them on the internet (I even saw "Tina" mentioned!) I would at the very least like a refund, and I'd really like to see them shut down entirely---something is very wrong with their operation. My name is Kim Criswell, email is [protected] Thanks for your help.

Oct 21, 2017
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