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syatt/Kirby Vacuum / Sales Women

1 Jacksonville, FL, United States

I got a knock on my door. When I looked in the peep-hole I saw two ladies. One skinny one with black hair and another heavier set one with a reddish-blonde hair color. I opened the door and saw one was holding a 2 Liter of coca-cola. They said they were going around giving out free soda to all the "cool" people at my apartment complex and asked if I was cool. I thought this is so cheesy, but said yes and they gave me the coke (which was missing part of its rapper and looked like a dog chewed on part of the lid). I asked if they were neighbors of mine (kind of like a greeting thing) but they said no. They claimed they were promoting their store that was about to open around the Walmart shopping center in St. Marys, Ga. I asked what the store name was and they said "Syatt". I asked what they were selling and they said they would show me. One lady left, and I figured she was just going to bring back a catalog to show me. While waiting on the other lady, the one at the door asked if she could come inside and wait since it was kind of chilly outside. I really didn't want her to come inside, but she almost made me feel bad and my mom raised me to be polite, so I said um..I guess. The other lady returned with a small box and ended up coming into my home, and then went back to get a bigger box. they made small talk with me. Asking if I lived alone and what I did for hobbies and work. Then one called her boss and said to enter me into some contest or something. I didnt feel at ease with them in my home and wanted them to leave. I realized they were trying to sell a vacuum when one of them started unpacking a crap-load of parts all on my clean floor. I asked how long it was going to take and the lady that asked to come in to get out of the cold started she was going out the door she said "it wont take long" in a clearly aggravated voice. I lied and said I needed to leave within 15 minutes to run errands to the lady still unpacking vacuum parts on my floor and she said we wouldnt have time to go over everything..that it would take a HOUR to show me a vacuum I wasnt interrested in. She said she needed to call her boss and explain I had to go..that she was going to tell him I was going to pick up my little girl so he wouldnt pressure her to pressure me into buying the product and wasting my time. She took 20 MINUTES to pack up all the parts back into the boxes, and had the nerve to ask me for some ice water while she was clearly wasting my time. It was awkwardly silent and the women kept repeating herself..I asked how much they cost and she said she wasnt in charge of sales..that I would talk to her boss who she said is known to negotiate prices from around $2, 399.00 to $1, 000. I was thinking what kind of scam is this?!?! Not only that, she said that "he would buy back your old vacuum cleaner for a couple hundred. Eventhough you only probably paid about $70 for yours". FINALLY she got her stuff together and I rushed her out the door and reported them shortly after. They seemed so sketchy and get annoyed and rude if you dont seem interested. Lesson learned : never open the door for strangers..and if you do...if they arent your neighbors then lock the door..DO NOT let them in!! they will TRY to waste your time.

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