Swarovski Snow Crystals / will not repair

Bigfork, MT, United States

We purchase annually the current year Collectible Snow Crystal made by Swarovski. We hang them in a special window on the east side of our home (from a hook). This window receives only early morning sunshine as our porch extends to the east. The problem is pieces of the snowflake started to simply fall off without any touch - until all that was left was the core piece.

Upon calling Swarovski about this, they said there is nothing they can do to fix these pieces because they have found the glue does not hold up in shipping and because the pieces are collectibles that they do not keep on hand nor can afford to find and return to us.

I wonder how Swarovski can mail all their crystals to stores who sell their products if they cannot mail one to me. I am so disappointed in their service that I will no longer purchase their snow flakes or any other pieces for that matter.

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