SW Transmissions / SW EnginesDefective parts. Warranty not honored.

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I ordered a transmission from SW Transmissions (which also seems to operate as SW Engines) on 11/17/14. The order took 3 weeks to arrive (although 3 business days is the response time advertised BEFORE you check out and your credit card is charged).
The transmission was installed and did not work. Called SW and they sent a replacement. I asked about what I needed to do to file a warranty claim as installation costs of defective parts were listed as covered by warranty. The SW rep stated the warranty only applies if the part worked after installation AND THEN goes bad. Complete rip off. If they send you a transmission that is crap from jump- no coverage. If they send you a half assed rebuilt transmission that works for a few miles before it fails- covered.

There are a lot of complaints about this company that does business under several different names. SW Engines, Southwest Auto Parts, and SW Transmissions seem to be common complaints.

Dec 19, 2014
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  • Fa
      Jul 26, 2018

    I bought a transmission from SW and they didn't but a filter in the transmission the warranty guy ignored all my emails and phone calls and i never got a phone call back not once. he finally responded to one of my emails and said we could look at the trani pan. there was no filter in the transmission. the transmision burnt up after 2 days of install. i called him today and he said my warranty is void because we should have replaced the filter when we put the trani in. he delayed all contact so it was in there benefit he said its to late to honor there warranty.

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