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I bought a brand new Suzuki Vitara GLX on 2 Jan 2019 in Pendik Istanbul Turkey. After they delivered the car, when i was driving home I noticed there was something wrong with the Multimedia device and Radar System was out of order. Issues were obvious. The next day I went to the sales office and service personnel there accepted the fault after inspection. They normally said that they would replace them in guarantee conditions. They also said Radar Sensor would come at the end of January. They replaced the faulty multimedia device in 7 or ten days but at the end of the month they did not call me to replace the faulty radar sensor. I wanted to wait one more week and today, on 7 Feb, I called them and asked why they haven't called me yet. They said to me that " Suzuki Istanbul Head Office had said that they could not tell the delivery time of the spare part for replacement because there is no sensor spare part available in Turkey and it is impossible to know when they can import" . This explanation (!) is not acceptable and it is not fair. How come they can say "we don't know when the part will be replaced" What if one year later? What if 10 years later? What does Suzuki mean by "we cannot know when"... Suzuki sells this car saying it is safe because it has a radar sensor and after the sale, says there is no spare radar sensor in Turkey and they can never know when a spare one will be available. Normally, I am not happy with Suzuki...

Feb 7, 2019

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