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Sure Heat Manufacturing / horrid customer service

1 WA, United States Review updated:

We purchased a grill through Costco in Feb. 09 and wanted to convert it to natural gas. After calling Costco to make sure we were ordering the correct part we were told to call Sure Heat directly to get confirmation that it was indeed the correct part. After being assured that is was correct we paid 79.99 for the conversion kit and waited 14 days for it to be delivered. Once delivered we hired a company to come out and convert the BBQ...after an hour of work the man informed me that it wasn't the correct kit. While he was still we called Sure Heat directly again, I was told that I had been shipped the wrong product I had a 2009 grill and the part they shipped was for a 2007. I reordered a 2009 kit with a guarantee that it would be here in less than five business days...two weeks later I called Sure Heat back only to be told that the order was never placed but rest assured they would get the part out to me asap and it would be here in 3-4 days. Now after a week I called again today only to be told that it hadn't been shipped at all! After explaining to the salesman what we had been through he proceeded to tell me to calm down and that he needed to speak with the other associate to make sure she had promised the expidited shipping...let me tell you how much I enjoy being called a liar! After having the sales associate berate me again I was finally transfered to a manager...not that she was much help! I have been promised yet again that the part will be here in 3-4 days...I'm not holding my breathe!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people they are dishonest and completly unprofessional. It amazes me that Costco would do business with this kind of company, I am disappointed!!

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  • Ch
      25th of May, 2009
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    I purchased an Amana Gas Grill manufactured by Sure Heat Manufacturing. I have never

    experienced a more incompetent Customer Service Dept. as Sure Heat employs. The pro-

    blem concerns the flex gas line that is approximately 1" short of the needed length. Conse-

    quently, I am unable to attach the line to the side burner. Customer Service had "no clue"

    as to solving the problem. I asked if they had a longer flex line or a different style burner

    valve that would extend to the flex line. They informed me that "what you see, is what

    you get." I could expound further on this complaint but not alloted the extra space.

  • Jo
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    This is really not a complaint, but a different point of view from the other 2 complaints. I own a CGR30LP, manufactured by Sure heat. Granted over the last 5 years I have had some issues with it, but the customer service to this day has been fabulous. I know most of the people there have been there for years and are very knowledgeable about not only there product but other grills as well. I have ordered parts before and usually received them in about 10 days. I don't think people understand that you catch more flies with honey then vinegar. If you call acting like a jerk people respond to you differently. I have always been pleasant and they are pleasant to me. Customer service is just that. They can't control all the things that happen in a company. I know there job is to make things better, but all they can do is give you the information that they are given. As far as the lady with the conversion kit, if you pay attention to the website for Costco, it tells you what kit to order for your grill. I am not saying that they are the best customer service department ever, but they work well with what they have. Considering they listen to angry people all day, maybe you all should take the time to think about "would you want to be treated like you treat them" I think no. If costco quit doing business with them I just may stop shopping there

  • Al
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I went in on a Friday afternoon to the manufacturing office after someone referred me to them for a good deal on a grill. The customer service manager took me into the warehouse and showed me the available grills and after I chose the one I wanted to purchase she told me she would put my name on the grill and I could pick it up after Monday. Tuesday morning I called to find out when I could pick up the grill and if I would need help loading it. The customer service manager never answered her phone and her voice mail never picked up. Same thing Wednesday morning. Thursday morning I finally spoke to her on the phone when she told me she would check in the warehouse to see if the grill was still there and she would call me back. She did not call me back. I called that afternoon and finally was able to get her voice mail and I left her a message to please call me back, that I wanted to pick up the grill Friday. She still did not call me back. I decided to show up Friday to pick up my grill and it wasn't until I was in the office waiting for the customer service manager that I was informed that the grill was gone when they came in Monday morning. No one called to tell me this. The customer service manager did not tell me this when I spoke to her Thursday. No one called, not one time in the four days between when the grill disappeared and when I arrived to pick it up. I took time off from my job to go up there early on Friday to pick up this grill and only then did someone admit the grill was not there. The customer service manager said they had another new grill still in the box but would be $200.00 more than what we agreed on for the original grill I wanted. I asked her why she never told me the grill I was coming to pick up was not there and she said she checked but she did not call me back. She then told me there was nothing she could do. I asked her who the manager was and then she became defensive telling me she was the manager. I asked her who her manager was and she gave me her name then told me she had just walked out the door so I could not talk to her. I left the building then called the company to leave a message for her manager letting her know I would be sending a letter to her, the customer service manager and also the Better Business Bureau. I then called to leave a voice mail for the customer service manager but she actually answered the phone. I calmly explained to her that I would be writing a letter to her manager and the Better Business Bureau explaining the situation and she started saying I was harrassing her and that the calls were recorded. She then proceeded to tell me that they stopped selling to the public and that she was only being nice to me when she agreed to sell me the grill. I replied that it was not nice that she agreed to sell me the grill then did not tell me it was sold to someone else 4 days before I showed up in the office. If she would have called me Monday, when the grill was either sold to someone else or shipped to a store there would not have been a problem and I would have been able to make other arrangements to buy a grill somewhere else. This was not good customer service. This was not even bad customer service. This was no service at all. Do not buy a grill from Sure Heat. I would not even buy a grill from any store that Sure Heat supplies grills to. If this is their idea of customer service you can count on never getting any help if there is a problem.

  • Ru
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    I feel your pain. I also have been trying to get the right replacement parts for my grill. They sent me the wrong year parts the first time and then forgot to reorder the right parts. Ive been waiting for three months now and "Nicole" the Customer Service Manager told me she would take care of it just to find out after I HAD TO CALL HER BACK AFTER TWO WEEKS that "China has B/O the parts again". Let me example how smart they are there. I asked if I would receive my parts before 2010 SuperBowl. Her reply was "Whens that?" Stay away from this grill at all cost. Shop at Sears and support a better company.

  • Ma
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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    I purchased a 5 Burner Stainless steel grill manufactured by Sure Heat. Although I kept the unit in a covered area of my patio, in only two seasons, the interior parts had rusted out. In March I ordered some replacement parts from their Customer Service area, some still under warranty, some not. Although I requested it, I was never sent a copy of my order. It took them 4 months to ship the parts to me, and when they arrived there was no packing list in the box...just a bunch of metal parts. When I went to put the Grill back together, I found that they had sent none of the hardware necessary to do so (maybe they thought I'd use glue to put the pieces together), nor any instructions on how to do it. I waited about a week to see if I would get a response as to whether or not they had shipped all the parts, and when nothing came, I spent half a day trying to Micky Mouse the thing back together using rusted screws, rusted parts and whatever else I could find that would work. About 10 days after I put the unit back together, I received yet another part in the mail. Clearly, I won't be using it now! On top of all that, not only did they charge me for this debacle, they over charged me, billing my AmEx Card for the pieces still under warranty. I have filed a dispute with AmEx and have no intention of paying the bill until they provide me with exactly what they shipped and what I was charged for each item.

    I sent their CEO a letter detailing my experience, but don't expect to get much back. Clearly, this is a Company that has no ethics in its dealings with the public. I for one, will never do business with them again.

    Mark Eisen

  • Su
      10th of Dec, 2009
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    Sure Heat Manufacturing - customer service non-existent
    Sure Heat Manufacturing
    United States

    I purchased a stainless steel Emberglow grill with a "98 year warranty." After three years they said they would only give 12 months warranty even though they admitted the parts I needed were covered by the 98 year warranty. "They had changed their policy."

  • Le
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    I work for a MFG with a similar name and they are now giving out our phone number to call. We even got a new 800 number just last week and they already have that.

  • An
      3rd of Sep, 2010
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    Sounds familiar. I bought an AM30LP from Target in 07. The first month I had it the tank connector broke. I called sureheat to get another one...easy right? Well they did not have any in stock. It took over six weeks to get a new one. In the mean time of course I just went to Lowes and bought a new one. This year the the thing is just falling apart, the burners and flavor grids are all rusted out. Well the burners are still under warrenty...easy right? Wrong again, I ordered them in May and still nothing. All summer long I have been calling them and they tell me "we'll have them in August" well when I called yesterday they said the end of September. I am starting to think I will never see them. I have called to talk to a supervisor but I just get voicemail and never get a call back. Not much of a surprise. No grill all summer. Sureheat should change its name to Noheat! Poor customer service and poor product. Thanks for nothing. I will be sure to investigate who the manufacture is. Do not buy a Sureheat product!

  • Sc
      5th of Sep, 2010
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    I purchashed a similar 5 burner grill Model 33LP. The grill completly rusted out from the inside after about 2.5 years. Looks great outside but it's very cheaply made and dangerous.

  • Ge
      16th of Nov, 2010
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    Ditto - Very Poor Customer Service. Say one thing and then do not deliver. Shipped a Pedestal Stove System with broken parts. Requested a replacement - Said it would be to me in a week. Two weeks nothing. Called back - Oh, we will get that shipped out the next day and call to comfirm the UPS order. Nothing. Called again, gave address again. on, and on, and on. Of course, no management to talk to. All out of the office. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Sure Heat!!!

  • Su
      29th of Nov, 2010
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    I wish I had read these comments before ordering our grill cover from this company. Everything that has been written is true. The grill cover we ordered tore at a top corner after covering our grill for 6 weeks. I called and had them resend another grill cover and that was 3 months ago !! After seeing what others have gone through I don't expect to ever receive one. I have currently been sitting on "hold" for 10 minutes !

  • Sn
      11th of Jan, 2011
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    Having worked for the company, everyone is correct. This is a terrbiel company who cheats their customers and their employees. They pay a lot of money to people and most of those people do nothing. The true workers get overlooked. The owners are terrible ... always screaming and cussing at employees and blaming everyone for the problems that they cause in the company. Lots of favortism and harrassment in the company. The customer service department is worthless and years ago they decided to open a plant in China ... totally great :( they don't understand english very well and having to be the one to proof the instruction manuals was a nightmare! The bosses are always getting raises and bonuses while the ones who do the work get nothing and end up getting laid off. This is NOT a company to ever do business with.

  • Sa
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    I totally agree with all the negative comments. We purchased an AM30 and requested some parts that have rusted and are still under warranty, this was in July 2010. We have had to call back every few weeks and have gotten the same answer from rude employees in their so called "customer service department". IT"S ON BACK ORDER! we have been told each time we will get it next month and that they had to change distributors. It is February 2011 and we are still getting the same excuse! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THAT THIS SO CALLED COMPANY MAKES! They use cheap crap!

  • Di
      24th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I use to work for sure heat and its not the best company training was awful they throw you on the phone and you dont even know the product!! You learn as you go. They are in finacial trouble and they will not be receiving any parts from china since they closed the plant so you better off going with another product. The had a guy that was in customer service that would hang up on the customers curse them and management would not do anything. I know for fact they would lie the company is unethical. I did my job and effectively if you got me on the phone I received so many compliments that never had they been helped in that way. They are excuse my language POOR WHITE TRASH!!! The management is aware of the problems and they allow it its only about 5 customer service reps who are under paid and under appreciated so you pay for what you get. If you ask me the product itself is made poorly and the customer service matches the product.

  • Jm
      1st of Jun, 2011
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    Stay away from this company. Target and Costco sell their products and they are the worst quality of grills, even if they say AMANA on them. I bought the highest quality stainless grill from Target and it turns out that it didn't even last 2 years without rusting out. Trying to get replacement parts is a farce. No one ever answers their phones/emails/voicemails. Never again will I purchase a product manufactured by Sure Heat. They slap the AMANA name on their products for better selling. STAY AWAY!!!

  • Be
      5th of Jun, 2011
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    I purchased a PF30LP grill from Lowes. I experienced the knobs getting hot and coming off in my hand when I went to turn the burner down. I contacted customer service at "Shureheat" and was told that this can happen when there is a breeze. I don't remember if there was a breze (there could have been) but I have never owned a grill that wouldn't work right in a breeze. They offered to replace the knobs for $12.95. I expressed my displeasure with their thought of charging me for a problem that is surely theirs. They said my only option was to return the grill to Lowes. Lowes no longer carries the grill, but worked with me to find some knobs that would work (at no cost). I would not purchased anything associated with this company ever again.

  • Sy
      11th of Jun, 2011
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    I got a Sureheat grill as a gift in the Summer of 2007. Burners were rusted out by 2008. Everytime I called them I got one excuse or another - they said they had trouble with their "vendor" for the parts. Kept cancelling my order. I got a call from them a few weeks ago - they said they'd ship my new burner to me for a shipping and handling fee of $15. After waiting with a useless grill for three years now !!

    My wife bought the grille thinking that the Amana name meant something... just another sellout with an inferior product and a company who does not stand behind their warranties. They can sure find burners to sell new grilles but won't take care of those who already have their products.

    I made my displeasure known to my local Target's manager and district rep. I hope that they never sell such crappy products again from this flim-flam of a company. I hope that folks like Target and Lowes get smart abd stop doing business with this company. I know I will make sure that I never own another Sure Heat product again.

  • Ch
      21st of Jul, 2011
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    I bought 2 Sonoma Platinum Edition Grills from Costco, $ 1000.00 F----N dollars. I have had to replace the burners every year since, this stuff is crap I agree. This is the worst Stainless steel ever, all rusted, try and remove screws that hold this crap together and you will strip the threads, and then try and drill the SS again. I'll be on the phone with Sure heat in the morning to fight with them again, even the cooking grates are crap, they want $200.00 F-----N dollars to replace the grates alone and $300.00 F-----N dollars to replace the flavor grids WTF. I have been grilling my entire life and never before have I had a burned out a grill like this piece of S--T . I WILL NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS. Check for my latest complaint soon after I call them AGAIN

  • Ja
      10th of Sep, 2011
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    I seem to be another victim of the Sure Heat and Costco product line. Mine also rusted out totally inside within three years. To the point that the gas connection is totally rusted out and there are no solid pieces of metal left other than the outer body - which by the way still looks great!
    Costco is no help. I spoke to a couple of other people who bought the same grill and they also had the same experience. However, they have returned the grill back to Costco within the warranty period and replaced it with a better brand.
    The company is a fraud and Costco is promoting their product.

  • Be
      19th of Jan, 2015
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    I purchased a sure heat gas fireplace from Home Depot. Loved it, but after 3 years it went out. Sent the part to them to be fixed mid october. It is now mid Jan. and I still don't have the part and I can't get an honest answer from the terrible customer service dept. I have been told lies, I have been placed on hold for indefinite periods of time, I have been promised return phone calls and nothing. My next step is to call the better business bureau. I will NEVER purchase another Sure heat product and will be passing the word to everyone I know.

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