SuperShuttle / wrong info given on pick up location

Made reservation for son to be picked up at Loyola College, Baltimore Md and taken to airport Nov 21 and saw pick up was at school book store, once reservation was confirmed and did not note pick up location I called to confirm and was told yes at school book store, My son texted me to say he rcvd text saying they were waiting at Campion towers (which was his dorm!) So he went to book store for no reason due to wrong info given!!! Dylan Wilsberg Conf # 2372666 Was a waste of time and inconvenience for him to take suitcase to book store and wait when he could have stayed at his dorm (Campion) for pick up had had we been given correct info!!!Should compensate on price paid for inconvenience! we have a return pick up as well on Sunday Nov 26 at Baltimore airport and being taken back to Loyola College flight 6655 Southwest arriving at 3:30 I hope there are no more surprises!! He should be dropped then at Campion towers (his dorm) and I'd like confirmation on airport location of pick up and time allotted!!!

Nov 22, 2017

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