Supercuts / refund not received yet since 10/5/18

Camarillo, CA, United States

store# 09638
ticket # 43
sale id# 103439
stylist: Marque
date of transaction: 10/5/18
I initially bought a shampoo and paid $13. Marque said if my son will have a hair cut, the shampoo will be discounted..He said he will refund the $13, then he will charged me for the haircut and the shampoo with the discount. He gave me 2 receipts, 1 for the refund and another 1 for the shampoo and haircut. Up until now, i havent received the refund., i called the customer service 2x, spoke with John and Collin, still no good response.
pls see attached pictures.


Oct 25, 2018

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