SuperAmericaunethical behavior

I went to the SA store in Lakeville MN, on Keokuk Ave at 4:30 on Saturday 1/28/17 to purchase some Lottery Tickets, I asked the clerk working the counter for 5 -Separate power ball Tickets and 5 Northstar cash same ticket,
I watch her make the ( First mistake) buy printing the power ball tickets on the same, then she remembered that I wanted separate tickets, she taped the the first mistake ticket on the computer than came back to me, she saw I had 15 dollars on the counter ( 1 five dollar bill and a 10 dollar bill ) she then said, ( O you wanted 5 Northstar cash), ( Second mistake), then went back to the lottery computer and taped that ticket to the screen, I did not see what the mistake was but she then came back and took my money and handed me my tickets, I then stepped out of line, as there was other customers waiting, before I left I counted my power ball tickets and she only gave me 4, ( Third mistake )not 5, I then stepped back in line to tell her, she proceeded to tell me I was lying and that she gave me the right amount, she also proceeded to tell me( your just trying to get money out of me ) I told her I am not and that she owes me another ticket, with a lot of unprofessional attitude and verbal comments so everyone in line could hear her, she finally gave me my ticket, on the way out the door she said with a loud voice, ( Have fun with your extra Ticket ) there was about 6 to 8 customers in the store who heard this, I then turned around and asked to speak with a manager, she said she was the manager, I have never had a issue in a SA store were I was treated with such disrespect as a customer, if she is not happy with her job maybe she should find a different profession, I live right down the street from the store and will not be going back to SA when there is a Holiday across the street, Thank You for your time

Jan 28, 2017

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