Super 8 Worldwidecustomer service

K Nov 17, 2017

My name is Kristi Wilson. My husband and myself have been staying at the Super 8 located at 4700 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 since February 2017 till current. Up until about a month ago a half ago we have loved staying here. We still love it here we pay weekly and have spent over $24, 000 here over this time. There is a Front Desk employee that has been nothing less then rude disrespectful and degrading since she started working here. I have gone to such extremes to not even go to the front desk if she is up there I have spoken to the general manager and have filed three complaints and nothing has been done. I do not cause any problems no one ever hears from me I stay to myself and deserve nothing less then to be respected. It is not okay to not receive the same service as any other paying customer. I am a female and on occasion my monthly cycle has showed up early. This happened last month and woke up to a mess and needed clean sheets. 4 am and called to get clean sheets was told "you have to wait till 7:00 to get clean sheets from housekeeping." I replied " you mean i have to lay in blood for the next 3 hrs" her reply was "I guess" I hung the phone up and for the first time in years I sat and cried because I was so humiliated. My husband was furious. I have talked to the GM and was told that the woman had worked for her before and she never had any complaints. I told her I was complaining. There has been an encounter 3 times and still the lady treats me rude and disrespectfully I am a Adult with disabilities and despite this I treat everyone with respect and will not tolerate this treatment any longer. The Area manager told me to formerly complain so here I am.

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