Super 8 Hotels / unethical behavior!!!

I was traveling to visit my daughter. I stopped at a Super 8 in TN, at the exit 1 from I&% (Chattanooga).

Earlier in the day I had picked up one of those hotel coupon books at the Tennessee welcome center, to plan my overnight stay. The coupon for this hotel location stated that the charge would be $41.99. For 1-2 persons. It did say I had to have the coupon at check-in. Not valid during holidays (it was NOT a holiday) or special events. And it expired 7/31/18.

At check in I informed the desk clerk that I had the coupon, and asked him if I needed to cut it out of the coupon book and submit it. He said I did NOT need to do that. He gave me no further information about the validity of the coupon, so I assumed that I would be charged the advertised rate.

However, when I checked out in the morning, the rate was $69.99 nearly THIRTY DOLLARS more than the coupon rate. I told the desk clerk I had the coupon, and she informed me that there was apparently some sort of "special event" going on that invalidated the coupon!!!

Now, I am VERY UNHAPPY about this. If the evening desk clerk had so informed me, at least I would have had the opportunity to decide if I wanted to stay, or go to another hotel in the area, or even drive further that day. But he did not, which I guess is the invoice number fr my stay. theinform me.

I want you people to send me a check fr the $28 difference in the charge, from what the advertised rate on the coupon was, to what I had to pay!!!

And, I feel you should train your help better, so that they will advise prospective guests of any situation that would invalidate a coupon, not just say, well OK, , , , , and let the customer believe they were receiving the discounted rate.

The date of my stay was (check in) June 7, and (check out) June 8.
On the bill it shows "account number" [protected], which I guess is the invoice number for my stay. There is also a "confirmation number" 81648EC002411.

You can send me the refund to: Duare Lightner, 318 W. Main St., New Paris OJ 45347.

I can be contacted at [protected].

I have already tried SEVERAL times to communicate the manager of the location at Chattanooga, and have sent email message. He has not bothered to respond, and no matter what time of day I have called, he is never in!!!

Jun 11, 2018

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