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Sunwing Vacations / passport damaged, customer service negligence

Ju May 21, 2015
Contact information:
Phone: 416-620-4955 ext. 5143

This complaint is in regards to both Sunwing attendants working at Bahamas Freeport airport, and the Sunwing headquarters located here in Toronto. At the end of what was a fabulous vacation in the Bahamas, (upon boarding my Sunwing flight) at the check-in counter I handed my passport to a Sunwing attendant who took my passport, scanned it and then returned it back to me. My husband and I proceeded to board the plane and it wasn't until we were fully boarded that I was arranging my boarding pass and passport that I noticed my passport had been seriously damaged. The passport photo had a huge tear through the middle and there was also visible damage to the bottom left corner. I immediately called my Sunwing flight attendant over to show her the damage and to find out how to proceed further. She explained to me that I could complain to Sunwing upon arriving to Toronto, and with such evident visible damage she was certain I would be compensated for it. My husband and I arrived in Toronto and we proceeded to file a complaint at the Sunwing desk where I spoke to a representative named Monica who viewed my passport, heard my story, and agreed that the passport had visible damage from being put through the scanner. However Monica was unable to file the report and she was unsure how to deal with this kind of incident and so she contacter her supervisor who assisted her in filing the report of damage. Unfortunately I had a flight scheduled and booked just two weeks following this incident. Being that I am not a Canadian citizen this required me to travel to my country`s consulate to purchase a provisinal passport (that would allow me to take my scheduled flight in time) and a brand new passport as well. After receiving no further information or contact from Sunwing, I took it upon myself to send them an email explaining my situation in complete detail (with attached photos). Approximately two months later, I finally received an email from a Sunwing representative explaining to me that while my situation was unfortunate and inexcusable there would be no possible way that Sunwing could compensate, or take responsibility for what happened. The representative went on to say that I should have filed a complaint while I was still in the Bahamas, but I just followed the protocol of Sunwing`s employees. I was assured that I could file a report in Toronto, and so that is what I did. I wasn`t told otherwise, as the sunwing attendants both on my flight and in Toronto did not tell me this. After emailing the Sunwing representative and explaining this further, she responded abruptly to tell me that there is nothing they are willing to do and that is their final stance on my situation. I feel frusturated, I have been through a lot, taking time off work, going to the consulate, being questioned for having a provisional passport, paying seperate fees for a provisional and a permanent passport. I am the victim, and sunwing is not taking ANY responsibility for what has happened. I will never fly with sunwing again and I am going to take this matter further.

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