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Well I will try to make this short and sweet, on the 28th of March, 2012 after 5 years of no holidays we finally were leaving to Varadero for a 1 week all inclusive vacation Booked through sunwing vacations, Flying out of Saulte Ste Marie, via Ottawa, we arrived in Varadero on time, but with no luggage, (lost, stolen ) we don, t know. So we filed a report at the airport and went to our Hotel and hope for the best. We got a hold of our sunwing rep, and everyday we were told it was found and would arrive by 5:00. It never did and still never has, and I can, 't even get a hold of a live person at Sunwing to talk to, just e-mails with no response. I feel like we have been ripped off, with absolutely no accountability. We tried to go into town to replace even the simplest things, like undergarments, and found that Impossible, it is lucky we were traveling with friends, as they lent us a few things. We spent an Entire week wearing bathing suits and t shirts, we couldn't even go to an Ala Carte Dinner as we had no Attire. This truly was a horrible, horrible holiday, and No one from Sunwing has even retuned my calls or e-mails. They should be ashamed of themselves, I guess they figure they got our money, and thats it. Someone please call me. Rick

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      10th of Jun, 2012

    I arrived back in Halifax from Varadero on April 6 of this year and my luggage did not show up...stilll has not shown up.I am waiting to hear something from the company and have been waiting and waiting.Sent them a letter on May 23rd and still nothing from them.I actually asked them to call me.What is going on here.I am coming to the point where I am about to contact the papers.Even had to go to a lawyer and get everythng itemized and notorized in my suitcase to get a claim going but nothing back from anyone.
    I am very upset about the whole situation.please someone call me with some info.

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      26th of Nov, 2012

    Sunwing lost my luggage as well as 5 others on my flight from Toronto to Varadero. Interestingly, everyone whose luggage was lost was traveling as a single. Oh - and I upgraded to Elite Plus or whatever it's called. Gotta love the elite service. Back to singles - guess they don't make as much money off of us so clearly we wouldn't be worth as much as a valued customer. I was lied to, given the run around and in the end my vacation was ruined and Sunwing could care less. I think Sunwing has turned their lost luggage strategy to focus on singles now (less people impacted). If you are traveling on a full flight - stay away from Sunwing - or pack everything in your carry on. And normally I wouldn't complain about this - but their "champagne flight" and warm towels are a joke. Yes, you will receive a shot glass of champagne (but not on your return flight) and a hot to cold towel depending on where you sit. All marketing tools that sound amazing - but are a complete joke. Sunwing is making a joke of us all - because we fall for their marketing tricks. This is the first company I've ever posted a complaint about.

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      14th of Aug, 2013

    Worst airline ever. All the staff were rude, they were very unorganized. It didn't matter if you were in Elite or not, they formed a third line for everyone to board at the same time so basically we were all pushed onto the plane even though it wasn't our fault that they were running so late. The staff do not know how speak professionally, they talk to you as if you are their friend (I watched them scold an older man to sit down), not a valued customer. They also lost my luggage and when I spoke with the woman, I was trying to ask her questions about what would happen and the only thing that I got out of her was a screaming match about how all our luggage was probably stolen even though were were six couples missing luggage. I've been calling several times and the only thing I got from them was that they were doing renovations and couldn't check if my luggage had arrived or not. I am extremely frustrated to the point of a nervous breakdown because all my necessities are in there and I'm not even able to leave the house without them. I tried calling their main line and all I received was that "if they are doing renovations and cannot look for your luggage then they just can't and we can't do anything about that." I hate this airline with a passion.

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  • Le
      15th of Aug, 2013

    Yes - Sunwing IS an airline - oh - and if you want me to "cite my sources" here:

    and YES Sunwing vacations is the packages side of Sunwing Airlines.

    Perhaps a bit of research before commenting on things you know nothing about might make more sense. Maybe take some advice from your own "name"

    Many people have encountered the same issues with Sunwing. I used them when I was living in Canada and they were disorganized, rude and it seemed that there was no communication between various departments. It was the worst holiday I have ever been on and I would advise anyone to steer clear of Sunwing.

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  • St
      17th of Feb, 2014

    Lost are luggage just recently lots of stuff I miss if I don't get back. First trip and worst experience ever now. Hoping to get back.

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  • Yu
      22nd of Oct, 2015

    Got a trip to egas with Sunwing. I only had a carry on with me which was 7kg. that was all my luggage an Sunwing didnt let me to carry it with me and force me to check it. My bag never made it to Vegas. I spent 5 days there and I called Sunwing every day. nobody will pick up the phone nor return my calls. Bags never came. not a word from the airline. the allowance for delayed bags for US destination is CAD $25 per day and UP TO $75. That's a joke. Cannnot even buy underwear with that amount in Vegas. SUNWING has the capability kto turn your vacactions in a nightmare. It is the worst company to deal with.

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  • Co
      14th of Mar, 2017

    we traveling with sunwing on Feb 11-2017 to mexico cuncun all inclusive resort on that day my flight was at 10:15 and arrive at cuncun at 14:25 my flight was dalay until 12pm without a explanation . And the stuff it was so rude not event a I'm sorry I last one and half day on my way backed to Toronto Feb 18 -2017 flight number WG 512 we last a baggage and still no where to be found case number is 001430 on my bag I have all my daughters close I need to know what is going to happen for the day nada half I lost on the resort and all so for my baggage please get back to me with some information

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      14th of Mar, 2017

    @Color works Painting Worst airline ever. All the staff were rude now I try to get someone to talk it's all emails or voice-mail

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