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May 6th to 13 Confirmation number [protected]
I writing you on be half of myself (Elizabeth) and my husband(David). We decided to book the Lucky Five Punta Cana deal as it was indicating that it was a five star resort booking. We had stayed at the Royalton 2 years ago and it was a five class resort, it was one of the resorts mentioned, another good sign we thought. This however was not the case as I am about to write about.

We arrive at the Now Garden Resort with no issues. We were directed to our room. Our room had a desk-tv stand but did not have any draws for our clothes. The closet had 5 cubby holes one was larger at the bottom. Two of the cubby holes housed, one the safe and the other an iron and hair dry. Leaving two to put our folded clothes in. On the opposite side there was a rod but no hangers. We called to receive hangers and at that time I decided to return to unpacking later and go to the pool. When we return the hangers were on the desk-tv stand. I had to place the round hook for the hangers on the rod. We noticed at that time there was only a desk chair in the room and no comfy chair or at least one more chair to sit in. The air conditioning was set very low at 18 degrees. That night my husband slept with a hoody to keep warm. We attempted to lower the air but this did not work. The next day we asked someone to have it turned up to 20 . Later they had adjusted it to 22 degrees. We like to take an afternoon sleep and found this difficult as the construction ( big machinery) were making quite a bit of noise. When we inquired about this they said they could do nothing about this as it was not their property. We received phone calls at 10 pm asking how our stay was going, we were trying to sleep as we get up early and go to bed early. They could had a different time to ask such questions? During our stay we killed 4 spiders and several centipedes in our room. The washroom had an open concept to it. The sink was open to the bed area. The door to the toilet had a gap at the top so if one had a bowel movement everyone got to share this.

The pool walk ways were being worked on.So some days we would hear sawing rather than music.The pool bar ran out of draft beer five out of seven days and we were never offered cans of beer instead. We got beer from the lobby ourselves.

The Nexus/Sunwing rep.Emanuel was very nice to us on the Sunday but later that week when my husband wanted to clarify flight departure and were we needed to be when going back to the airport he was rude. Emanuel point to a large book case that housed several binders and before my husband could even ask about where we were to be pick up he walked off. The time for us to see our rep were between 0830 and 1030 am . My husband was there before 9 am.

The restaurants menus were no better than what we received at the 3.5 resort we stayed in last year.

We had a hotel rep try to get us to go to their meeting we. declined but the next day the bothered us again about this.

When leaving to go to the airport .The driver was dangerous and careless in that he pulled out twice into oncoming traffic. When we got to our departure gate we were seated in none air conditioning for 2 hours. There is an air condition area but we were not in it. The whole plane smelt like body odor for a 4 1/2 hour flight.

So to say this was a five star hotel flight vacation is not true. Please reply to this as we are very upset about this

May 17, 2017

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