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My husband and I were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and we booked Barcelo Bavaro Beach resort in Punta Cana from January 7-14/2017 from Signature vocation by Sunwing. We arrived at our resort on Saturday Jan 7th and we were notified that we need to attend welcome session by Sunwing on Sunday Jan 8th at 10:30am. We went to welcome session and met Aneudy from Sunwing.
We told Aneudy that we are celebrating our 40th anniversary and we would like to do something memorable during our visit to Punta Cana. He recommended Saona Island Tour for a day. He described us the tour as a heavenly experience with travelling by Catamaran boat with entertainment and drinks to Saona Island, visiting blue lagoon, having lunch on the Saona Island/swimming and coming back with Catamaran boat. I asked about accommodation on the boat and Aneudy explained there are washrooms for you to use and change to your swimming suits if you needed it. In a way he described the tour and made a prefect picture of it that we were very excited to go and purchased the tour for Tuesday Jan 10th in amount of $178 (US). My husband and I were very excited about the trip and were looking to having an amazing experience.
Unfortunately this tour was the worst experience that we have ever had. First going to Saona Island was on a small speed boat full of people with uncomfortable seats. This boat was going so fast and bumping on the water frequently and throwing us up and down. My husband has a back problem and bumping caused him pain and suffering which lasted until now that we are back. In addition all our extra clothing and our camera got wet from water splash. Of course there was no washroom to change to our swimming suits to swim in Blue Lagoon. Finally after 30min boat drive we got to the island and had lunch. Our going back was by Catamaran boat at least. There was only one dirty washroom on the boat behind the bar. I went to use the washroom and when I was coming out of the washroom I realized that I cannot open the door, I panicked and started pushing the door to open and continued pushing harder until I was able to open the door little bit, then I saw this guy is pushing the washroom door to keep it closed because he was peeing in the sea just by washroom door and yelling at me that you cannot come out to see my Willie (his pines). I was shocked with what I was seeing and experiencing. I am claustrophobic and feeling being trapped in the washroom caused me tremendous amount of anxiety. I cannot believe what we went through during this tour.
The next day (Wednesday) I went to see Aneudy about our experience with the trip to Saona Island but he was not at his desk. One of the staff in the office contacted him and he said he will be there at 3pm on Thursday. I went again on Thursday at 3pm but he was not there. Again he was contacted and he said he will be there on Friday and I could see him at 11am. I went back on Friday at 10:40am and Aneudy was not present. Another Sunwing staff told me that β€œhe is not coming in today.” When I told that I am going to send an email to Sunwing and complain about his service, the Sunwing staff called him and handed the phone to me. I complained to Aneudy about our tour experience to Saona Island and requested refund. I told him we did not receive what we purchased and I am requesting a full refund. Aneudy assured me that he will send a report regarding my complain to Sunwing and he will see me on Saturday morning before we leave the resort and he will let me know how to follow up with Sunwing regarding our complain in Toronto. We never saw him agin. We feel betrayed and disrespected by Sunwing staff in caring for our concern. Your staff is not available according to his schedule that has been posted in guest services bulletin board since for 3 days I could not find him at his desk and I have a picture of his schedule in my phone.
We have been travelled so many times with Sunwing and always had good experience with customer service. We are very disappointed with this situation and not receiving service with your staff Aneudy and we will consider other options when planning our next vocation.
I am requesting your attention regarding this situation and full refund of $178 US dollars of this purchase.
Thank you for your consideration.
Best Regards,
Mahnaz Pourahmadi
Gholam Reza Nemati
Phone: [protected]

Sunwing Travel Group

Jan 19, 2017

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