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My issues started with the service on the plane. You could tell the flight attendants weren't happy and it felt like they didn't want to be there. I forgot to buy a bottle of water before taking off, that's my fault. As soon as the seatbelt sign came off I went to the front and asked for some water, the lady told me if I went and sat down she'd be there shortly...
I believe it was about an hour into the flight before I got my first sip of water. Maybe I'm confused but I assumed staff were supposed to be friendly and accommodating?
The "5 star" hotel package felt more like a 2 star package. We couldn't even get drinking water our first morning there! There was none in our room and each of the bars told us we had to goto a different one...
Not to mention we didn't have hot water for 4 days. They kept telling us the problem would be rectified shortly, after 4 days we demanded a different room! The new room had hot water but the drain was plugged and would flood the bathroom every time we showered which was still better than the alternative. The hotel bank was normally closed so I couldn't exchange money for the first few days there, once I finally did I was excited to book some excursions n get out of the resort! The excursion they sold me was a complete let down and nothing like what was advertised, I think that's the Cuban way tho lol one of the main reasons we booked with this hotel was for the diving that's "included" what they don't tell you is that it's only offered on certain days and only if the boat isn't full of paying customers. We arrived on Monday and didn't get our first dive in until Thursday. We were told we would be taken by boat to a coral reef for our first dive and have the opportunity to dive a ship wreck after...
Good ol cuba struck again! Do you think we got to do either of those things? Nope!
Between the #### food and the even worse service I would never go back to Cuba again! Ever!
O and the flight home, why was there 6 rows at the back of the plane that I assume were sunwing crew members lying down in? I realize they go for long flights and are entitled to breaks but why am I, a paying customer packed in like a sardine while they're laying down!?
One last thing (I could go on n on) in Calgary I paid to get elite plus, I asked the lady if I could pay for the return flight as well, she said "no no it'll be easier if you just do it in Cuba" I didn't have any money on me when I got to the airport because low n behold because the banks were closed lol the bank at the airport was out of order and the credit card machine was broken lol I couldn't even get a bottle of water or anything to eat let alone upgrade my seats.
Ive been to about 20+ countries some of which have been third world, I guess maybe that's just the Cuban way so I shouldn't be disappointed? But I wish I could say my disappointment was just with cuba, I feel equally as dissatisfied with my sunwing experience...

Mar 28, 2017

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