Sunwing Airlines / sunwing company

March 14, 2016 landed in Jamaica from Edmonton, Ab Canada. Went to retrieve luggage and my wife's luggage arrived but mine did not. We are staying for a 1 week period so all my necessary belongings were in the lost luggage including electronics. Once realized my luggage was missing, I reported it to the terminal Sunwing Airline rep and she made up a report.
The lady instructed me to inform the front desk person at our resort and that they will keep in contact with Sunwing in order for latest information regarding where my luggage is.
Well it is March 17/16 2039hrs and there is still no definite word where the hell it is!!!
Resort people as well as my travel agent are having extreme difficulties trying to get to the bottom of this issue.
Last word from a person from Sunwing company is that they are in the process of doing up an email now??
To who or where not sure but this company will not admit fault. Sure under certain circumstances you can get a refund for items I needed purchased but what about the cost to replace luggage contents easily over $1000.00 CAN.
One thing to take your friggen money but another to stand up to company ethics!!

Mar 17, 2016

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