Suntan City / worst service known to man

ME, United States

I went to the SunTan City in Portland Maine and received the worst treatment ever. Not only did it take them 15 minutes to aknowledge me, but i must have interupted their lunch because they put their food down and gave me the look of death without a smile or a "how can i help you"!! The guy behind the counter kept pushing anything and everything on me from tanning lotion, to packages, to eyewear and moisturizer. All I wanted was a tan!! When I refused to buy anything I was brushed off and put into a room without being shown how to use the bed! I will never return to that overpriced, under serviced crap hole again! I strongly encourage people in this area to find a local place where you are treated properly for the money being spent! Clearly every STC has customer service issues, is this the way they train you??? Boo to you SunTan City!!

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