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Sunstates Security / Treatment of Employees

1 Raleigh, NC, United States Review updated:

I was an employee of Sunstates Security LLC based out of Raleigh NC. I was hired by the owner of this company as an Operational Support Manager. The owner promised me benefits including Major Medical Insurance, Pay Raises, and 401k Retirement. He did start me with Major Medical Insurance but after a few months I was told that he he was not going to pay for my insurance so he was changing my title so I would not fall into a category where He would be responsible for my insurance. He did change my title and took away my insurance. I asked him about my 401 K and was told that it would start in December, but guess what, he lied about that too. I did not receive any pay raises. You cannot believe anything you hear about this company because the owner is not to be trusted. I left a company I have been with for 26 years because of the promises made to me. When I was terminated from this company, I was taken to lunch on Friday, told what a good job I was doing and then terminated. I was told that they were cutting back, but guess what, a replacement was in the office on Monday after I was termed on Friday. These people do not care about employees or families, only on how much money that he can make. I was lied to over and over. This company is not to be trusted.

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  • Ov
      8th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I currently work for this company, and they are nothing but con-artists. They over work you, under pay you and never reward you. We do not even receive sick days anymore! If you’re thinking of working for sunstates do your self a favor and run as far away as you can from these people.

  • Wo
      29th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I agree with the complaint because they don't pay over time, They make you stay when your relief is late, and they don't hold up to there agreement. They only play there favorite's. That is how the company works and they under bid all there contracts then other security companies win them because of the BS they pull to there employee's.

  • Wo
      29th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I have a problem with everything sunstates does I was recently one of the people working for this company. They have some of the biggest kissers you have ever seen. They only play favorite do yourself a favor if offered a job with them you had better turn them down. Because if you do something wrong to or think you did something wrong? You will never get any promotions, no raise's I mean nothing and you will never hear the end of it. So if your not willing to bust your butt for little pay don't apply. I don't mean doing the job is not hard but trying to please people good luck. Make sure you have no problems with getting brown stuff on your nose because that is what it's going to take. I was with the company for awhile and they screwed me out of plenty. No holidays off, No sick time only 1 day breavement and can't use holiday pay for sick time, If you get part time your really screwed full time good luck. They don't care about you or any problems as long as the job gets done. Trust me I glad I Quit and got a better job making twice the amount sunstates would ever pay. depending on the site. Is depending if you get 7.50 - 9.00 SO DON'T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE GAME YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE THE BATTLE.

  • Jc
      14th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I was a SENIOR MANAGER for this company for some time until I got tired of the greed and lack of respect for employment laws and common decency.

    There have been numerous State licensing issues in several states, violations of EEOC and other labor law. If the truth were known licenses would be suspect.

    The owner would rather tell you a non truth than a truth even if the truth would benefit him. Its a mental defiency!

  • Wo
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    -2 Votes

    i was an employee of sunstates for three years and totally agree with all of the complaints. i would regularly work 15-20 hours of overtime and was promised a promotion and the very next week was layed off so they could keep an officer that the branch manager knew slept on the job

  • Ja
      21st of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I workrd for Sunstates security in NJ and really never had any problems. They did what they told me and treated me well. Just wish I had made more money though.

  • Em
      3rd of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a current Sunstates Security employee, and I don't see what you people are talking about. As for the owner being all about the money, guess what? Every business owner has to be all about the money, or he/she would go broke. When was the last time a poor person provided you with a way to feed yourself or your family?

    As for license and EEOC violations, I've been here for two years, and I've seen nothing of the sort. The company does its best to be law abiding, in every respect. They've even hired a guy to oversee compliance and run a QA program; we get inspected all the time, and not just to find fault, but to find out how we can improve and serve our clients better, and then, really make the improvements, not just lip service. I don't see that in most other companies, let alone security guard companies.

    It's called work for a reason. Come to work, do what your employer needs you to do, and you get a paycheck and recognition; it's a beautiful thing. Of course, you can always start your own business, then you can run your business without being "all about the money" and when you figure out how to do that, let me know and I'll come work for you.

    At Sunstates, or wherever you work, the secret is, and will always be, to endear yourself to your employer. If you do, you will enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. Likewise, if you continue to be more trouble to your employer than you are worth, you will find yourself forever sitting in front of your PC, writing negative comments about past employers, who discovered your true vallue...;)

  • Co
      20th of Sep, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I believe this company goes above and beyond all of their clients expectations. They have a highly trained staff of security personnel, and have worked in a variety of industries.

    Every company has disgruntled ex-employees. Nobody likes to get fired.

    That's why you will notice all complaints come from past employees, and not clients.

  • Se
      28th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I've been working for this company for a couple of years. At first it was great. I could actually say, I was one of those type of people who enjoyed their job. The company always made sure that their employees where well dressed, clean cut and were provided with all the basic equipment to perform the duties of the job. Personally, I even went out of my way many of times for managment, even as going as far as canceling familiy trips just to work uncovered post at a moments notice. For whatever reason, recently, managment has handed me and my fellow colleagues the short end of the stick. When provided with new uniforms we where required to get them hemed without reimbursement. At my site we are no longer are provided with writing utensils to fill out our daily reports. On a more personal note I've over heard one of the managers say that I was not a "team player". Which was demoralizing for me because I have many of times went out of my way to cover post that where quite a distance for me and as I have stated before cancelled my plans for the company. It is my suspicion that the company has had to scale back on some things which is fine due to the economic downturn. But I have found that their real problem is within their managment. I know their are disgruntled employees in every company which is mostly due to termination, or employess expecting too much from their employeers, however, that is not the cause of my dissatisfaction. The cause of my disatisfaction is due to the incompetence and to an extent unappreciative attitude of the management. I should also point out that I was one of the positive commenters on hear before "James short".

  • Sc
      6th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have worked for Sunststes for 3 years in South Jersey. We have pay a $200. deposit on our unifroms . New Jersey states that companys can't make employees pay for unifroms or anything with company name on them. Also if they can't be used for street use.
    When I was hired my pay rate was $10.00 per hour. The I was told that my pay would be $12.00 per hour after 90 days. At Valero. After 3 years I'm making $10.50 per hour not at Valero. Scumstates as most eployees call this company is the worlds worst. The good thing about .Scumstates company is that you will never see them once you are hired.
    Robin B

  • Cu
      22nd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Robin B is a filthy smelly dirtball that was fired over a year ago. I wouldn't put to much into his opinion.

  • Su
      30th of Jan, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I currently work for Sunstates and they are nothing but scam artiest. I work in the Raleigh, NC branch. They tell you to work this day and this time but then they say you were suppose to work another time. This one site supervisor is crazy. He wants to butt [censor] all the animals at one site. The operations manager is a pretty cool but hes crazy and he will spy on you and sneak up on you while your work and scare the [censor] out of you. He also thinks hes a super cop. Which we are just security officers that observe and report. The operations manager will also say he has a full time job opening up but really its just a way to make you act like a super cop and try and do good but there is really no other job. Please do not work for or hire this company because they pay low wages and they hire cheap officers that will hate there job and not do [censor].

  • Jo
      31st of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I always assume a company is a good company until they show me otherwise. The time is here now when I can see Sunstates is run by management people that do not care about its employees. Most complaints I see here are true. The company will always try to screw you out of your earned money. They will always short you on money or hours worked. Always check your pay, always. They are crooks. They will deduct about 200 dollars for uniforms and you are suppose to get this money back when you quit. Guess what? I am still waiting for my money, after three months. Like I said, they are crooks. If you expect to get a raise after working six or twelve months, forget it. I worked two years and did not get one nickle more. They don't give a damn about its employees, thats all. They care about how much money they can make and steal from its employees. If you start part-time and look forward to moving into full time, forget it. It won't happen. You are better off just quitting and look for another job. Better yet, don't even think of working at Sunstates, unless you don't care when they will screw you over. I have been in security work for a very long time and this company has got to be the worse I have worked for. I was expecting much better, after all they did security for the Kings and Queens in England, right? Haha, what a joke. So remember, DON'T EVEN THINK OF WORKING FOR SUNSTATES.

  • Se
      9th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Where are you at Mike S. We never relized how good we had it.

  • Ma
      3rd of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I work, or did work for Sunstates up until yesterday. They have no SOP's worth a darn, and everything is a grey area so as they can fire at will. I got fired for issuing a company ticket to a vehicle parked on the property with out of date License plates. we are not law enforcement they told me, LOL, the week before my site boss, a captain issued 6-8 tickets for illegally parking in the handicap zones. Is this also not a law enforcement issue. As for favourites, well, if you get there after rolling about of bed in a slept in uniform, don't wear half of the said uniform, walk around with coffee all day, and don't shave, then yes, you are employee of the month. And no offense ladies, but if you are female, then heck do what you want when you want.
    As for checking the premises, only do it if you aren't busy with personal stuff. Don't worry, I will close the roof access panel that's been open all day through 2 other shifts.
    As for the uniforms $$, how do you know what is what. They charge different amounts on different paychecks.
    I signed of for 32 hours a week, it was nothing to work 56, why ?, cos they are to lazy to hire anyone.
    I also got a 30 day review that gigged me for not doing the on line Sunstate courses, well they said that we did not have to do it on our own time. I mention this, and was told no doing it at work. Then I get gigged and I argue, then he says, oh ok, you don't do anything on third shift, do it then. To late after my review went in.
    Do the clients know that after they leave Sunstates guards do absolutely nothing ?? Someone should tell them.

  • Ma
      4th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    For those of you that think i am a disgruntled ex-employee, think again. I am not angry at all, just somewhat perplexed. I always thought that you had to be fired on the clock and in person, but maybe I am wrong, maybe you can call people and fire them !! There are no perfect employees, so yes, I may have been wrong at times. But, my issue is, where's the corrective training, where's the one standard for all. Let me give you an example. Why is it that double shifts are forbidden, that is unless you need a 3 day weekend and you work a double when you return, to make your 40 hours. When we lost a supervisor, the rest of us sergeants and above had to work 12 hour shifts, when you tried to get a double and have at least one day off, you were told no, and that the Company (Sunstates) forbid it ?? I am not about to go to the client, if they don't police their own house, then let them pay for the indiscretions that occur. And I have no malice toward the guards that worked with me. I generally worked with the same 3 guards and they were exceptional, did everything that was asked of them, took abuse and kept on trucking. Kudos to those 3 that made my job easier.

  • Th
      21st of Dec, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Yeah. I work there too. I'm still young.. taking a break from college. Working here has influenced me to go back to college.. mostly so i don't have to deal with these people anymore. Without my degree.. it's almost impossible for me to find something else, unless it's flipping burgers, which in this case, might be better than working for this company. Been promised full time the whole time i've been here.. still haven't gotten it. I've been a floater the whole time i've worked for this company.. They will use you dry. They tell you that you are their best officer to encourage you to take the ### hours they give you, then make you feel guilty when you don't. This job is SO stressful. No family time, no social life.. no nothing. I have to get out of here..

  • Ha
      2nd of Aug, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Management sucks they are a liar and con artist

  • Fr
      12th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    I am a current employee with Sunstates Security in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. I don't care to state my location as I don't want to risk losing my job.
    As a Sunstates employee you are expendable. They don't care if you stay or go, and the management is horrible. The location I am currently at is always short staffed which means 12 hour shifts everyday, week in and week out. Most people would say that is great as they are thinking about all the overtime they will make. True, you will make overtime, but with the low pay you receive to begin with, and the more overtime you put in, Uncle Sam takes more and more from your checks for taxes.
    Sunstates starts you at a base pay, and you might as well get used to that pay for the duration of your employment. There are NO RAISES, NO ADVANCEMENT, and NO INCENTIVES no matter how many years you stay with Sunstates. I work with employees that have been with this company for years and not once have they had a review or a raise. This has been stated by 3 different co-workers that have been with Sunstates for years. There medical insurance they offer is some of the worst I have seen, and as for vacation you have to have years with the company to get a couple weeks. There are NO sick days given as we are always short staffed and with this facility needing security coverage 7 days a week, 365 days a year you better bring your tissues and aspirin because you have to work.
    I had a death in the family recently and they gave me 1 DAY (paid) off. The rest of the time is unpaid. There are no bonuses or any other type of incentive to make this a career choice. The other thing that they do which is just completely wrong is make you pay for a security license and uniforms out of your pocket. They took almost $100 out of my checks for a security license which you are supposed to take a security course to receive, but the area supervisor just tells you to tell anyone that asks that you have completed the course. As far as the uniforms they take $275 out of your checks to cover the uniforms and if I'm not mistaken it is illegal in North Carolina to charge employees for uniforms that have a company name on them. You will receive your $275 back when you quit or get fired, but that is almost $400 they take out of your checks for a so called security license and uniforms. You won't get anything back for the license fee. The worst part about the uniforms is that they aren't even returned to the area supervisor when you leave your job to be re-used. They are thrown in garbage bags, and then tossed into a closet where they will sit until they are thrown away one day.
    As for management it is for the pitts. The area supervisor could care less the hours you put in, is very very slow on replacing employees as they leave which means a lot of long days, and he will kiss your a** when he hires you, then you never hear from him again. My site supervisor, well that is a long story but he constantly lies to his staff, will not help out when we are short on employees, and he does nothing that we are supposed to do when on duty. We have certain policies and procedures we are supposed to follow when on duty and as a supervisor he should set an example for his employees, so I guess if you want an example of how to do nothing when on duty he is the best.
    All in all, Sunstates will use and abuse you til you quit your job and then replace you with the next poor sole that comes there way. Think twice before applying with this company. If you like low pay, no advancement, no raises, poor management, no time with your family, and lies then come on and join the party.
    The last thing I will state in this review is in regards to major holidays. You are EXPECTED to work every major holiday with no exceptions. Thanksgiving you will work, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day you will work, New Years Eve and New Years Day you will work. The 4th of July you will work so don't makes plans with friends or family on these holidays because Sunstates has already made your plans for you.

  • Va
      18th of Feb, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I worked for sunshades for 3 years shy of 2 months making four years. In Fayetteville NC site. only to receive one raise and that was 25 cents. I gave my all to this company when asked to do overtime I did it. I trained every employees that came to the site even thought they was paying another employee to do the training..I was told on a Tuesday that I was going to be wrote up because a person complained that he couldn't get out of my gate fast enough. So I must have been sleeping. I told them that was not true. Show me the proof . I had a two sided gate and had to work both sides. Some time the would have to wait if I was taking care of somebody on one side. Or if I was in the bathroom they might have to wait.or just go around arm.i told them I've never slept on my job and I didn't agree. On Thursday I was fired.Sunstates don't stand behind there employees. I reminded them they had an employee that was caught on tape sleeping for three hours straight and they just moved them to a different site. They also had another officer caught on camera sleep the person is still working. Me no pictures no cameras and I'm fired. They ask you to work then won't pay you. And yes the have there favorites and only they can do anything..Or site got a new manger and he has been firing people on the hear say of his favorites. I'm looking into taking these people to court. They can not slander me. I was on my other job 37 years and made money. They only pay 8.50 and we had to fight for that. Sunstone Security. Need to get it together and watch who they put in management. Sunstates Security you should be ashamed of yourself.

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