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Alarm Force Complaints & Reviews

AlarmForce / return of equipment / collections

Apr 12, 2018

So after cancelling my alarm with the company and having their equipment ready to return to them, they have sent the file to collections. Over a year I have been trying to get a shipping label from them and for some reason it never came through. I even offered to drop off the equipment...

Alarm Force / alarm system

Apr 09, 2018

The manager of collections, Scott, is worthless The worst customer service ever I returned my equipment in 2005, went to live out of the country and alarm force kept on charging my account for 3 years I require immediate refund or else i'll contact my lawyer You need to contact me asap I...

Alarm Force / won't cancel service for 3 years!!!

Aug 02, 2017

their alarm did NOT work, when their was a breaking and entering. I had another company install a system that does work. I have called repeatedly for 3 years to cancel. They keep billing my bank account. I'm going to hire a lawyer. Do NOT give this company you bank account numbers. They just...

Alarm Force / poor service, perpetual billing after canceling.

Mar 30, 2017

I moved after having alarm force service for two years, but they indicated that I had a tow year, three month contract. When I tried to cancel the service, they added the three months on for billing... The after contacting them again they said I had to go to their website to start the...

Alarm Force / video cameras

Mar 28, 2017

I had someone break into my truck in my driveway last night and when I went to pull it up on my video access I was unable. I called tech support and it was then when I was told about going over 1000 clip use per month. This was the first I had ever heard of this clip use business. Why then...

Alarm Force / home security system

Jun 29, 2016

Please be careful when cancelling. They tried to tell me that I owed $26.50 for the month of July. My contract runs from July to June every year. I pay on a yearly basis. When I went to cancel with them, they told me they couldn't cancel until I paid them $26.50. I told them they were out...

Alarm Force / video relay and 2way speaker

Nov 12, 2015

my words about Alarm Force are seen in all the 250+ complaints on this site ! nothing works!!! just like any of there employees ! I did jumping jacks with my place armed right in plane view 4 feet away from there little motion thing? it never went off no one called me and if they ever did...

Alarm Force Inc. / no service no regard for their customer

Sep 23, 2015

Signed up for our 2nd home in Jacksonville Florida the box stopped working properly and our home at this time is unprotected even though we pay every month there tech team said batteries need to be replaced we did that still not working they said box needs an update but they have no one in...

Alarm Force / unauthorized use of credit card

Apr 08, 2015

Unauthorized use of Credit card, improper privacy practices I used to have an account with Alarm force at this address and it was cancelled a year ago. A tenant at the same address has now signed a new contract at this address and Alarmforce retained my credit card information and detail...

Alarm Force / poor service

Mar 12, 2015

Alarm Force hides behind their contract, they provide an inferior service, and have a 3 year contract. Alarm Force is unwilling to let anyone out of their predatory contract, they have high pressure sales people push the contract on little old ladies, and pregnant women. Additionally...

Alarm Force / cancellation impossible

Sep 04, 2014

We have had an alarm system with Alarm Force for nearly six years. I started having problems with it almost immediately and one of my roommates unplugged the system in the first month, and there it sat for nearly six years, unused. Despite the fact that they were clearly not recieving a...

Alarm Force / false alarm charges due to faulty equipment

May 27, 2014

This is without a doubt, the worst company I have ever dealt with. I regret getting this system put in my home 100%. A false alarm charge is made by the Police Service if they are dispatched to your home. The rate varies by region and in my town, the rate is $150 per false alarm. When my...

Alarm Force / trying to cancel monitoring

May 21, 2014

We sold our house in Calgary at the end of November and made the mistake of including the Alarmforce equipment as part of the sale, not realizing after 7 years of service with them, that we did not own the equipment outright. This was NEVER made clear to us and I can find no paperwork that...

Alarm Force / don't want to cancel my services with all the information ithey ask for

Feb 26, 2014

I called Alarm for January to see I can put my account on hold until I can get another place to stay so when do get me other place they called me a b**** and told me that this is why I don't have a place to stay and when I ask to speak to a manager they hang up on me then I called...

Alarm Force / refuse to honor cancellation of contract, customer service

Aug 02, 2013

We recently called and emailed Alarm Force to cancel our monitoring service as we are moving to a new home where we took over the existing alarm system. Alarm Force responded to our email saying that the service would be cancelled effective the date of our move. Our contract was a 3 year...

Alarm Force / customer service

Jul 26, 2013

I just wanted to share my experience with this company. It happened last night. I got a call from there dispatch saying the living room sensor was set off and asked if they should send the guard. I naturally was concerned because this was the first time the alarm was going off while I wa...

Alarm Force / billing and harassment

Jul 22, 2013


AlarmForce / Shady business/stealing consumer's money

Jun 28, 2013

*****CONSUMER ALERT****** ALARMFORCE IS AN AWFUL COMPANY with VERY limited service locations (only about 13 cities in the entire United States) and poor customer service. Alarmforce is based in Canada. I agree will all of the previous complaints about this company. The equipment is "dollar...

AlarmForce / Horrible Product

Apr 09, 2013

The cheap system does not work. The alarm goes off at random times for no reason and the technical support is no help at all. You can tell the system is in a refurbished state. Like many, I'm reporting them to BBB. Please go with a more reputable company if you're considering AlarmForce. They are a waste of money.

Alarmforce alarm service / Excessive charges and perptual billing

Nov 03, 2012

We had Alarmforce install service in prior home and then sold home. We asked Alarmforce to come out and transfer system; they did not and they said to leave it and the new owners would be offered the service. The new owners did not want the service and disposed of the equipment; Alarmforce...

AlarmForce / Called wrong number

Jul 27, 2012

I AM NOT an employee of complaintboard! This is my story about Alarmforce. When I got to work this morning I had a message on my phone. The message was from Alarmforce saying they had an alarm at such & such address & were dispatching authorities. I don't use Alarmforce, had never...

Alarm Force / lack of liability

Mar 19, 2012

I need your help, PLEASE ! * I happen to have 2 properties in Raleigh, North Carolina * I am going through a BITTER divorce, so I left my house located on 1323 Shine Water Lane, Raleigh NC 27614 and I moved to another property located on 2632 Vega Court, Raleigh NC 27614. * I had AlarmForce...

Alarm Force / delaying refund

Feb 03, 2012

Being a new home owner I rushed into getting an alarm system, my choice was Alarm Force (big mistake). First of all the technician didn’t explain the workings of the system thoroughly, and the vapid crude design made me wonder was this system worth the money. Within four days I...

Alarm Force / scam

Jun 22, 2011

I thought that the public should know specifics of my conversation with this company. I recently heard advertising for Alarm Force so decided to call them in order to get more information. Little did I know how informative the conversation was going to be. I thought that I would put it in...

Alarm Force / very bad service

May 07, 2011

We were using alarm force since 2006 and used for 4 years. Service was terrible. We moved to VOIP based telephone in Decemeber 31, 2010 and Alarm force equipment was not working there after. When we called the customer service they want us to start a new contract for another 3 years, ...

Alarm Force / beware

Feb 22, 2011

Alarm Force is a joke also they are so horrible to deal with. They still are charging me for services already cancelled in June 2010. I also had been trying the pay them for equipment not found (Three times they have not taken the payment; also they lost my money order even after it wa...

Alarm Force / making an agreement on the date to be taken out in my account

Feb 16, 2011

We had our system installed on jan 21rst 2011.We we're told to call in and ask on what dates they could take out the payments so... My husband called in on jan 28 2011 and asked them for the 15th of every month.Customer service calls back on jan 31rst 2011, telling my husband that...

Alarm Force, Inc. / unauthorized charges


I owned a small business and contracted the services of this company in 1997. I always payed monthly fees on time for equipment and monitoring services. In 2008 business was not doing well and we had to shut down the facility monitored by alarm force. On November 2008, we called thi...

Alarm Force One / installation, customer service and billing


This is the first time in my 36 years on this earth that I have ever been so disgusted with a company that I have taken the time to figure out how to post a poor review and WARN people what they are dealing with. The system their technicians installed had issues from day 1. After multiple...

Alarm Force / great company


I've been in the customer service industry for over 20 years; first in hospitality then in Sales with 3M Canada for 16 years. The encounter with your company has been by far the most outstanding experience I’ve ever had. After sending in my inquiry on line, off your website, I...

AlarmForce / being sued


I just thought that everyone should know that alarmforce, particulary Joel Matlin used my friends image on their website for advertising without his permission, now they are being sued and think they dont owe him anything, but records show their profit skyrocketed during this period .Please give me your opions of this matter .thanks

Alarm Force / poor customer service


I sure wish I read this before taking over an existing alarm system in a house I purchased. Received inadequate training on system, so everytime I came home, alarm would go off. Was able to turn it off, and never turned it back on again - as was unable to ever be properly trained, and...

AlarmForce / Billing issues


We had gotten Alarmforce installed in2006..and ofcourse got stuck in three year contract with awful service. The batteries out of all sensors ran out within few months of installation. When I relocated they charged to come down and setup.and put one motion sensor, in the hallway at such an...

Alarm Force / their criminals


First of all their equipment is trash secondly they are not a real security company don't get fooled go with companies like ADT or Brinks and be very careful not to sign any thing unless you read the fine print. Heres my experiance with thek I signed the original contract for 3 year...

Alarm Force / collections


I had Alarm Force system and did 3 yr contract. I wanted to end the service early as i was moving so sent my system back early. Several months later Alarm Force states they never received everything. So I am being billed $291.36 and was sent to collections. I pay all my bills and have...

AlarmForce / Awful company


We had our new AlarmForce system installed in July 2008. My wife was home during the installation and I had left instructions as to where I wanted the sensors located. On top of basic package we 'purchased' 2 additional smoke detectors, 1 glass break sensor and 1 door contact for...