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Sunset Group / Taken advantage of

1 TX, United States Review updated:

It was our first trip to Cancun for myself, a single mom, and 2 daughters. We were approached at the Cancun airport and told if we listened to a 90-minute presentation we would receive huge discounts on various activities. Since it was pouring down rain the following day, we agreed to it, only the presentation ended up lasting several hours. The salesman convinced us what a great deal it was to get in on their timeshare, and that this fabulous offer was only good for that day. We were greatly influenced by the atmosphere, a large group of happy people in a room where every so often you would hear a celebration going on when someone had signed up, champagne corks popping, making you feel like you're in this elite group if you become a member. They made it sound so good. So I agreed, especially since the salesman set up activites for us all week long, free of charge. Then the anxiety set in, that something didn't seem right about this whole thing. But I remembered what the closing lady told us, "We can't cancel you and you can't cancel us." I thought it was a done deal and there was no way out, so, though having very mixed feelings about the whole thing, I didn't say anything, which was a huge mistake because I later found out you CAN cancel if it's within 5 days. After we got back home, when I started checking on the Web, Googling Sunset Group, I was horrified to learn of the many people ripped off by their timeshare scam. I paid over $9, 000 on a Mastercard at the time for something I wouldn't even own, only keep paying on for many years, plus paying an additional maintenance fee. You can get all kinds of great discounts for vacations to Mexico or anywhere else, I've learned, spending thousands less than you would with Sunset. They did cancel my contract, but I will still be paying on this huge amount of money when it could have been used towards my children's college education or to help my elderly mother or many other uses. We never used the timeshare, not even once. I just want to warn others not to fall for this. It was an awful and expensive lesson to learn and it's ruined any desire I have to return to Mexico. Don't be naive like I was because they have no conscience when it comes to taking people's hard-earned money. It's just a business to them.

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  • Fr
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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    Wow sorry to hear that. Why didn't you explain to them your circumstances? Did you at least try to use your membership? I think you would've changed your mind on cancelling because vacations are necessary. Timeshares are different in that you know what you're getting as opposed to staying at hotels and finding many surprises. I've had my fair share of staying at hotels. Some were good but many which i paid a lot of money for were a rip off. At least with this timeshare i have i've seen the condos and stay in them every single time i go.

  • Ri
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    You are not alone. We were ripped off by SSG for $14, 000 in January of 2006. Also paid in full by Mastercard. I beleive that MC are aiding and abetting SSG in ripping people off. File a complaint with Profeco, Mastercard and RCI for starters. SSG are Mexican Mafia that should be punished for the fraud that they are being allowed to commit.

    Don't give up the fight, good luck.

  • Ge
      6th of Oct, 2015
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    Sunset group are nothing but crooks - Do not go on the presentations, what they offer you is NOT what you get. TRUST ME!!!
    My bf and I bought and paid ours off, then took our firsst trip and they RIPPED US OFF!!! Now they are pushing Tres Rios and I'm telling you It's GARBAGE! Walk 1/2 a mile to the pools and beach, they SAY you'll get a nice room with a hot tub. (not a nice tub at that) but if it's anything like our experience, you'll get there and they'll throw you in a cramped studio,

    I HAVE told each level of customer service and havee not to date had the story goes public

  • De
      15th of May, 2017
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    It is always best to hire someone skilled to do so, unfortunately in most cases these companies dedicated to cancel timeshares usually cheat for the second time to their customers since they are vulnerable and desperate. If you are thinking of hiring them you just have to make sure you do not have to make any payment upfront.
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