Sunoco / anna :cashier attitude/store policy vs state law?

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I go into my local Sunoco station, one I use to visit on a daily basis.
I went in with my mother for whom I'm caretaker.we have no car @this moment my mother is disabled and needs help when in town.
And like anyone else my mom would like to have a drink of wine @the end of the day.
The girl cashier(anna) at your 2810w.walmut street location in Johnson city tn.
Refused to sell my mom her wine she varied that and I had everything else but because I didn't have a valid i.d the cashier said it was law that she couldn't ring it up cause I didn't have I'd.i knew that applies to adults trying to buy for minors and such.didnt think it extended to caretakers helping their family out and doin right thing.
But this cashier has sold cig and alchole to me in past and always just asked my birthday.
Bit anyhow.
I thought the cashiers where to id for anything anytime. Hate to be a whistle blower but my mother don't have transportation and it's very hard for her to make it out even on rd a month. Think ur employee lack discipline, and training and an im better than u attitude
Next thing goin to BBB.
And always someone hanging out talking with employees.
So where does Sunoco stand on. Caretakers just helping their loved ones or caretakers just doin their job.i myself am 35 ur mother ?? .(thats something u don't ask)but I know she would like to take part in her civil liberties.and a store that make up rules or what they call "laws".to make their self feel superior than any else . Their was no scene made @store .im trying to go thru proper channels here.
Either everyone needs to be id everytime or you need to straighten this store out.
It is closest store and there are times I have to walk so I don't have much choice.otherr than to get this cleared up. Will be awaiting the change @stire or reply from a real person not an automaton.or auto rep once software.
Or recording .a real answer if u please.

Mar 12, 2017

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