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Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

Hi bought a sunbeam gas hop a year and 3 months and the big burner MELTTED! I was buzy cooking food and the the gas just started coming out on the said and stared to melt my pot Handels to. Dont know it this could happen if it's sepouse to take the heat. Really dissepointed in this product I really liked the look of it but mad with my self beacuse I didn't took the other brand. I can't use the burner because the gas are not coming out evenly and I have to struggle to get it to light. Now I have to buy a new one the same size than this one!! I won't buy sunbeam ever again. Because of this bad product that's not sepouse to melt but really melted

Sunbeam Products
Sunbeam Products
Sunbeam Products

Nov 22, 2018

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