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for the last 2 winters i've had to buy a new heated mattress pad king size

I love the brand but I'm not happy at all for the last two winters i've had to buy a new mattress pad because...

sunbeam 5.5 litre crockpot

I have had my Sunbeam Crockpot for about 4 years. It is in immaculate condition and is used maybe once a...

Brisbane Appliances

sunbeam heated blanket

We bought a sunbeam burgundy heated blanket queen size Christmas last it home..kept the box and...

electric blanket pac 0595 holmes styles y85kq

To Whom it May Concern, The winter of 2016 I Purchased the above Sunbeam Blanket. When the blanket wa...

electric blankets

Brand new and light blinks telling me it will not work . Went to web site to find over 30complaints for the...

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king size, heated mattress cover

OMG< my brother gave me a Sunbeam heated mattress cover for x-mas, I live in Florida, rarely need to use it, personally I'm a big fan of the electric blanket, not only is this my first heated mattress cover also my first Sunbeam product, fast forward to today Jan 25, the coldest day this season in Florida, OK let me put my NEW gift to use, OK worked for about all of 8 minutes then BLINKING LIGHT, I looked up online what to do, used different outlets, even took the thing to my brothers this morning, same result-BLINKING LIGHT-NO HEAT!!. of coarse no receipt, so what a BUM x-mas present this turned out to be., I just want a working product, I rarely need this kind of product in Florida, but if needed and I have it wouldn't it be nice to have it working?, main question what is the resolution for the Blinking light?, Is it just defected and will never work?, My house has upgrade electrical, or is the only solution to just purchase a non-sunbeam product? ? - S. Alexander, Tampa, Fl [protected]

  • Li
    Linda Boyher Jun 03, 2017

    Was given a Sunbeam queen size heated mattress pad for Christmas and washed it today ( followed instructions on blanket) and now both controls blink continually. Have unplugged from outlet and still blinks. Any suggestions/solutions?? Thanks!
    [email protected]

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dual control queen mattress pad - a02-tc-03u2 style s85kqa/e23623f

A gift from our son in Dec. 2014 (Order No. [protected]). Used by my husband, Gabriel, who is 89, and...

electric lap blanket

Like previous complaints the control to my electric lap blanket blinks on the high setting and is not...

heated blanket

Where can i get a real old fashioned heated blanket???? These new ones only last one year then fail on me. On top of that, i hate the new temperature regulators. I find a warm spot and move my foot there, only to have it cool off when the foot gets there. The whole point is to put my foot in the warm spot!!! Not to have it cool off where i need warmth!!! And what happened to the silky trimmed regular blankets. I dont need fleece, and i dont need the kind with holes in the fabric!!! I just want the regular heated blanket like they used to be made. No one i knew growing up ever had anything burn down from a heated blanket. I think those cases are extremely rare. Sell both if you have to, but give us back our warmth!!! This is rediculous, and a waste of money!!!

heater blanket - very disappointed in this product

I've purchased 6 of their heater blankets for family and friends. They all have complained that after a couple of month the control panel starts to blinking and the blanket will no longer heat. I feel that this matter should be addressed and handled. People spend their hard earned money and you would think that Sunbeam is a good name to stand behind... NOT!!! very disappointed in this product a waste of my money and time BRRRRR.

oven door shattered

Sunbeam Gas Oven Model No: SGEO-900SA Last night wile cooking dinner I opened the oven door and it shattered...

theft and no customer service

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They sell crap, and then they sell you LIES, and then they give you...

blinking red light

I had gotten this plaid warming blanket for Christmas about 2 yes ago and it just stopped working . it...

blinking control

This is the second blanket that started blinking. I got frustrated with the last one, cut off the cord and...

fake or fraud

it is a fraud company so many employees pay money 1 lak to 2 lak, through consultancies, mostly good amount goes to the company, the projects are also fake, just showing we have projects, and also conducted campus drives and also collected 20, 000 to 50, 000 from the college students, still they didnt took, they offered 2.4 lak package but they are giving 7, 500 to be careful...they even not able to pay rent also, changed the company location also, there is no branches, just they maintained the numbers.avaoid that companies from the world...

fake or fraud

  • Va
    varun31 Sep 30, 2013


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  • Sa
    Sandhya123 Jan 20, 2014

    i was cheated by this company can any one let me know where their company is now

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  • Sa
    Sandhya123 Jan 20, 2014

    Who all are cheated by tis company can come and join me, we shall fight with them legally.

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faulty electric blanket

I purchased a safe and sound Sunbeam electric blanket 1o months ago and one of the controllers has stopped working completely. I contacted Sunbeam customer service and waited 45 minutes to speak to a Sunbeam rep. When she finally answered, the rep - 'Trish' - was rude, unhelpful and disinterested. I asked for a supervisor and she said there wasn't one available. She said the repair would not be covered under the three year warranty because I didn't have a receipt!

electric blanket too short

Just bought Sunbeams electric blanket at Walgreens, and it was only 5 feet long. I was pretty sure it was going to be twin size, but I had no idea it would only be 5 feet long. Not long enough to cover my feet. It also automatically turns off in 3 hours. That means it will turn off while you are sleeping. Not very smart. When I turn something on, I expect it to stay on unless it has an option for me to allow it to turn itself off. This is not optional. It turns off.

electric blanket

Sunbeam electric blanket. Gutless. I have one purchased in the early 50's that still works and can give you enough heat to stay warm on a very cold winter night. In the last 15 years I have purchased 5 "new" blankets 4 of which just stop warming - and they were wimpy when they were new. I have returned all 4, having just received my 4th one back from Waynesboro. It was replaced. I have not purchased anything in the last 15 years that compares with the first blanket. Yes, it still works, warms like a champ but is a single. I'm married now.

  • Re
    Reviewer12177 Nov 15, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my wife last Christmas. It worked great last winter . Kentucky early winter is upon us so time to turn it on. The controller lights come on and stay on but even on high we barely get heat. I have tried the reset procedures to no avail. I wish I had seen this website before purchasing.

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heating pad

Hello: I don't know if you would really call this a complaint. I had a walgreens by Sunbeam heating...

scam alert

Sunbeam heating pad P.N. 112237-E, this heating pad gave me blisters on my right shoulder while using while sleeping. It was set on two hour shut off and medium setting, which it did but three large blisters appeared and the pain of the blisters woke me up. This product should not be sold. This heating pad is less than a year old and has only been used a handful on times. I recommend that any consumer who has purchased the product to return it and contact Sunbeam to remove this product from the shelves. And of course this product was made in China.

  • Bo
    bobtheman Nov 14, 2009

    It says right on the packaging don't use while sleeping.

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  • Yo
    Your Mother Nov 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks bobtheman, you took the words right out of my mouth. I have this heating pad and love it. USE PROPERLY and don't block up forums advertising your own stupidity.

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