Sun Tan Citytanning bed complications

S Mar 09, 2017

I have been tanning with this company, Sun Tan City for a year and never had a problem till yesterday. I checked in around 3:00pm and they set me up with bed 3 for my session. This bed has had a problem with not starting for a few months. I called the front desk for help. The first time the said there was a 3 minute delay. I waited 4 and tried again. Called a second time and they told me to press the button harder. Tried that and still didn't work. They covered the mouth piece on the phone for a while so i got fed up and got off the phone, got dressed, and left since I was now running late for work. On my way out the male manager told me to have a nice day instead of trying to solve my problem. I dont understand why they couldn't give me the other bed that was open in the first place like the lady on the Saturday shift did or gave me a new bed after realizing it wasn't going to start. I believe this is the last month on my membership and now I dont know if I'm going to renew it.

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