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Hello, I am a regular at Sun Tan City in Winchester ky. I love the deals and the employees were always making me feel at home. Well about a week or 2 ago I had used a $100 bill on a $33 total at Sun tan city. My change would have been $67. Well the store clerk did not count back my change and just handed it to me. I did not think anything of it because I have never had a reason not to trust the crew before and I'm very familiar with everyone there. But when I did count my change to put it in my wallet I noticed it was just $47. I confronted the girl at the counter who waited on me and she said there was nothing she could do but she would let the manager count the drawer and the next time I come in see if he drawer happened to be over. Well I went to sun tan city the next day and I asked the very same girl if the manager noticed my missing change in the drawer and the girl said no. She stated her drawer was right. That is impossible. I had no other money but that money and I wanted to bring this matter to someone more professional that could please help this get resolved properly. I am extremely upset at this incident. I thought very highly of this business. What can I do to get the help I need in finding out if this person is doing this to all the costumers or if it's the while store robbing people. Please contact me with a solution or your thoughts so I can move on from this. Thank you for your time!

Nov 26, 2016

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