Sun Tan City / rude customers and down computers

KY, United States

I was in there Monday night. The computers were down once again (seems to be an ongoing problem). Honestly only one lady appeared to be actually working and getting customers through the line. She was doing really well considering the place was packed. Two very large ladies got mad cause a few ladies got to go before them. It was dumb cause it was not even the beds they requested. One of the large ladies asked the blonde lady her name and if she was a manager. She replied back with her name and she was a manager. They got mad and took it out on her. One cussed at her and told her she was rude (so not the case). I felt so sorry for the lady. She tried really hard to make everyone happy. The computers really need to get fixed soon but don't take it out on the workers there. It is not their fault at all! They also might need to get some better help cause the little blonde seemed to be doing everything while the other two just looked clueless!!!

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