Sun Life Insurance Of CanadaDenial of short term disability

I have been fighting with sun life since October of this year. I became so depressed and suicidal that I had to go in and tell my boss. I went to the dr;s the very next day. SHE WAS ADIMENT ABOUT ME NOT RETURNING TO WORK. I had already been on medication to treat depression and ADHD, So we opted to increase my meds and try to fix this on an outpatient basis. Well the first denial was I didn't see the dr enough. The 2nd denial reason was because my medical records were incomplete. they are so full of ### it is scary. There are so many people that play the system and get approves then there are very legitament cases that get denied. My company pays them good money to insure us and I have not been treated right since the get go. My medical records had to be sent out to a third party because they could not determine my diagnosis code. OK so if that is correct who are you to say that Iam denied if you aren't even qualified to read my medical records. I have not yet rcv'd an official denial letter, Since I got my company involved Sun Life has called me 5 times to try and have me understand why the denial. I told them flat out that they were wrong and would be held accountable. So sick and tired of these insurance companies dicatating to us the patients and our dr's how to treat us. this ha s got to stop so let;s hurt them where it counts. IN THEIR POCKETS. by the time I get down with them they are going to wish they had paid me just for the short term. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT CHEAPER. they are trying to blame it on my dr & it is not her fault. she had done everything and them some

Dec 18, 2014

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