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Sun International / valley of the waves - sun city

1 Rustenburg, South Africa

I was extremely disappointed with the amount of cost we had to endure in sin city valley of the waves.
When parking we paid r75 per person which is no where advertised on the internet (Tricking people). Then we paid a further r160 to enter valley of the waves. That so called man made beach is a waste of time. The waves weren't coming on time. We had to continue waiting for. The waves that did come was useless. I was in waiting for a wave for over 30 minutes. And to my disappointment the wave was useless.

Then if we would want to go to the outdoor pool we have to pay a further r50 per person. This is just robbery. My family and i (13 people in total) drove 2 hours to come to sun city and wasted nearly 3000 just to enter the damn vicinity.

Then there was a severe storm... Your undercover areas were useless. Rain was coming in through the cover. We live in a province where you can't predict the weather. Atleast prepare for the weather with good covering should it rain. Especially since we pay an arm and a leg to get there.

The sewage system is also terrible. It was raining and the water was just standing. I had my granny with me who is 76 years old. She could have gotten hurt very badly had she slipped in that water.

In short... Sort your [censor] out and stop robbing the paying customers!
All I can tell you is that sun city is over rated and my family and I will rather drive to durban to enjoy the beach than to come to sun city ever again! It will even cost us less

Dec 26, 2017

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