Sun Internationalbad service at marula sun

I'm a gold card mvg member. in and around October 2016 i twice booked with Marula Sun and was lucky to get rooms on both occasions. However on both these times the room had either no towels and the second time the air-con wasn't working. Both of these times this was brought to the attention of the manager who offered his apologies but couldn't fix the ac and only provided us with towels in the morning.
Secondly, my fiance and I used to gamble quite often and spent week in and out at carnival city. Carnival city always had rooms on offer for certain mvg members but needless to say one could never get a room. I complained about this and was told that they would look into the matter. Not once when one made a booking on the special promotion could we get a room {perhaps a way of luring people to Carnival city under false pretenses}. Then also, Carnival city use to be fair when it came to paying out on machines, i don't go there anymore as for the last year we have just lost and never won anything. From bad to worse for Carnival City.

May 05, 2017

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