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Grand West Casino in Cape Town is the only one allowed to operate and boy do they take advantage of their monopoly, their game king poker machines need to be avoided at all costs, I have played many poker machines in many countries, but have to still find such poor, and badly maintained machines, its such a pity that this group who have such a niece facility have resorted to installing such poor quality poker machines, which to my mind and so many of my friends and fellow gamers are set to pay the very lowest possible pay outs, you are always just short of a decent win, you leave feeling cheated, time and time again


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    gabbyferre Apr 29, 2011
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    Grand West should be called Grand Theft. They are a Legal Scam. Robbers.
    There is something very not lekker at this Joint.
    I notice too many indiscrepancies on the slot machines which occur time and time again. I have proved certain occurrences time and time again without a doubt.
    This proves only one thing. They are reading the players cards and controlling the payouts. ! Fact.
    Let me tell you that they say "They cant read the cards"...but this is bull. They can and they do. They have very sophisticated software running there while your playing. So you think its chance? And your pumping it in as you become frustrated more and more while your playing hoping for that big win? The more you loose the more you play to win? Get Real. You cant win against a Computer program.
    Your card is like a Bank account. Their Data base knows all about you. When last you were there, how much you won, played and lost, What type of player you are etc etc. Everything. They build up a profile about you. The moment you put your card into a slot machine, their data base runs a program against your profile. This program dictates what your going to win based on passed performances.
    They are a bunch of scam artists and should be shut down.
    Comon...Does anyone really know for real how honest those machines run are setup and how they actually work.? If you wouldnt go there.
    There is no such thing as luck there. They should be sued and closed down. Everyone whomever has been there and lost should get all there money back.
    Entertainment...My pay for that, big time.
    Ask yourself the question...since the year 2000, when they opened, you have been going there right? How better off are you?
    Check out all the losers going there all so hopeful for that big win.
    Its better to play the lotto people. You stand more chance. ... And that chance is that you stand more chance of dying than winning the lotto in a lifetime.

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    Blancky Dec 31, 2015

    i would like to hear what the management of this establishment have to say to all the reports about how unhappy the majority of their so-called "valued guests feel!!! so can we get so feelback from them please.

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    Lephia Marsh Jun 29, 2016
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    I totally agree with the author of this article. My husband and I have decided that after all the years of supporting this place, it is time to leave. It is costing one a small fortune for a few minute's 'entertainment' as that is what they call it. Sure... entertainment for them, watching you feed machines where your playing card is controlled. Besides this fact, you have to stand in queues to get a 'complimentary' drink and 9 out of 10 times the hot beverage machines are out of order. Especially the smokers casino bar. it is a shambles. Not the fault of the staff, please note, but there environment does leave them under such pressure and it so affects their attitude. Clean up your place, provide descent service and facilities with the money you rob all the punters with and perhaps that could be the entertainment part visiting Grand West Casino. No fun in just feeding your machines. Then one can just as well leave the donation in a box at the entrance door and one does not have to put up with the rest of the pains.
    A.S. Marsh

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